More than just helping you to avoid complaints and be compliant, acoustic design is important for the productivity, efficiency and enjoyment of users

Would your development benefit from good acoustic design and access to problem-solving experts with wide experience of noise and vibration control? We work at building scale and with city spaces, in the UK and internationally.

We can guide you through our full acoustic design service; from noise and vibration studies as part of an environmental impact assessment, through the technical acoustic design process and on to the formal measurement of performance against national and international standards.

Collaboration and coordination is key

Our global team helps to solve complex, multi-disciplinary projects, for example coordinating the needs of the 4 architectural practices involved in Phase 3 of Battersea Power Station.

Market-leading advice and experience for any challenge

We lead in the field of dynamic response of machines and structures, having recently solved problems in industry, with the NHS and the rail sector, where we have been actively involved with ‘over station’ developments.

You can trust our team to solve complex problems, such as the remediation of partitions or floors with poor sound insulation performance, or the mitigation of building services plant found to exceed noise targets. We are able to meet building control in the toughest of circumstances, such as Grade 1 listed buildings.

Our Acoustics Services

  • Room acoustics design, parametric modelling and reverberation control  
  • Venue, performance space and concert hall design  
  • Engineering atmosphere 
  • Fully BIM integrated design & bespoke coding 
  • Acoustic design for productivity and wellbeing  
  • Sound insulation design  
  • Structural vibration isolation and dynamics  
  • Audio visual and sound system design  
  • Public address and voice alarm design 
  • Acoustic surveys, benchmarking and commissioning  
  • Control of external noise break-in and facade & ventilation design  
  • Design and assessment of internal and external building services noise and vibration 
  • Building diagnostics, troubleshooting and remediation  

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