Structural Engineering takes creativity, analysis, ingenuity and a touch of technical genius  to deliver exciting, efficient structures that go beyond expectations

The reputation of our structural engineers with architects, contractors and specialists means we can deliver outstanding design solutions and outstanding value.

Sophisticated structural testing techniques and meticulous analysis of materials, methods, costs, risks and sustainability – working with our structural engineering experts, you can achieve your vision without compromising on practicality and efficiency.

When designing complex three dimensional shapes and geometries, structural engineering has to be a creative contribution to the design process, so that a full integration and coordination of aesthetic and physical aspects can be achieved. This relies completely on the development of engineering concepts that understand and facilitate the design, and at the same time close collaboration with the architect, manufacturer and other design disciplines.

We find creative solutions to complex challenges, endorsing Buro Happold’s holistic approach to engineering time and time again. And it’s a proven method. You only have to look at spectacular projects like the Glasgow Riverside Museum. Zaha Hadid’s vision was to create a giant metal extrusion without columns to interrupt the space. This meant creating a structure that was tensioned by its foundations, a hugely complex challenge. Or consider the roof of Médiacité Retail Centre in Liege, Belgium for structural complexity.

Our structural engineering services include:

  • Employing sophisticated techniques to test buildings and their performance
  • Meticulous analysis of every detail, from materials and building methods to costs, risk and sustainability
  • Building in even the most demanding of climates
  • Temporary structures, art installations and iconic landmarks

Access to award-winning structural engineers

Work with us and your project will benefit from the knowledge and experience of multi award-winning engineers. Buro Happold garnered SEAoNY awards for two of its most prestigious projects: Yale University School of Management and the National 9/11 Memorial Pavilion (winning the New Buildings over $100M and the New Buildings $30M to $100M categories respectively). In the sports and entertainment sector, the Mercedes Benz Stadium, home to the Atlanta Falcons received the NCSEA award for outstanding project of 2017.

Innovative structural design played a successful role on Yale University’s 242,000-square-foot building, while the unprecedented challenge with the National September 11 Memorial and Museum came in the form of a unique Snøhetta design, with limited structural support, constraints on all sides, security requirements, and complex geometry.

Creativity of structural design as well as complexity of criteria, sustainability, innovative application of new techniques and the efficient use of materials and labour are all under scrutiny during the judges’ deliberation over which projects should take the titles.

Stunning design that withstands natural disasters

Buro Happold provided structural engineering services for the Beach and Howe mixed-use Vancouver Tower in Canada by BIG Architects, working in collaboration with renowned local engineer, Glotman Simpson.

Typically, buildings have bulkier bases than tops, but the reverse is true here. The tower’s small triangular base curves away from the bridge to let light and air into the lower apartments. Rising to the top, the building’s shape becomes larger and more rectangular, eventually reaching a square top. The designers describe the tower’s shape as “a curtain being drawn aside, welcoming people as they enter the city from the bridge.” Yet the highly creative solution still manages to meet the tower’s structural and seismic requirements. Our experts designed a concrete core with post-tensioned walls, which can protect against damage in case of an earthquake.

Structural Engineering specialists working closely with our other experts

When you work with us, you have access to highly experienced structural engineers. Better still, by working hand in hand with other Buro Happold specialists, such as building services, facades, lighting and many more; we can design an integrated solution that lifts the execution and benefits to another level.

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