Facade engineering and designing a high quality building ‘skin’ is far more than simply achieving an aesthetic vision, it’s about buildability, efficiency and long term sustainability

What makes a facade function properly? Apart from the obvious, like weather resistance, airtightness and making sure it doesn’t fall off the building, a big consideration is the energy impact on the building itself. An efficient, buildable facade makes for a better building and we work constantly to provide more efficient skins.

A thorough knowledge of the way in which facades are constructed means you can trust us with your project from concept design through to ‘nuts and bolts’. Whether this is for an intricate design such as for The Cube, Birmingham, or the grandeur of Hamad International Airport, Qatar with vertical glass facade systems more than 25 metres in height, we apply engineering rigour.

Our experience with hundreds of buildings worldwide, in a variety of climates, (Yale School of Management, USA) has also given us a deep understanding of practical construction issues. We are proud to have developed the first fully automated double-skin facade of its kind in the US for PNC Tower.

Our facade engineering services include:

  • Conceptual, scheme and detailed design and detailing
  • Wind loading analysis and assistance with wind tunnel testing
  • Structural, thermal and condensation calculations
  • Advice on procurement
  • Tender evaluation
  • Review of specialist contractors’ technical submissions
  • Witnessing of testing
  • Site inspections
  • Investigative work in relation to existing facades
  • Specialist design in structural glass

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