Hyde Park Picture House

Leeds, UK

A landmark in Leeds city centre, the Hyde Park Picture House project comprises the refurbishment of an original 1914 Grade II listed single screen cinema. Part Heritage Lottery funded and part sponsored by the ‘Friends of the Hyde Park Picture House’. The redevelopment aims to preserve the cinema’s historic features, while creating a more comfortable and accessible venue with a more sustainable business future.


Preservation of the cinema’s historic features is key, including the upgrading of the world’s only working gas lighting system. Alongside this, our building services team needed to devise how to create new functionality for the cinema, reduce its running costs and open up the cinema to a whole new audience.

And to do it with the least possible business interruption during the works.

The project will see the Picture House to reclaim its place as a vibrant heart within the local community. Image: Page \ Park Architects


BuroHappold’s engineers worked sensitively within the constraints of the existing structure to create a cost effective design which meets the client’s vision to provide additional income-generating space from the small building.

Intricate structural works were involved and our engineers worked closely with the architect to develop the auditorium layout without limiting seating space or undermining the existing structure.

This approach generated a cost effective solution that minimised complex, costly foundation works.

To reduce business interruption, the new basement and extension will be created while the main auditorium remains functional, breaking through only when main construction works are complete.

The new services have been seamlessly woven into the historic facades to minimise impact on the listed building fabric.

Image: Page \ Park Architects
Model showing interior of Hyde Park Picture House HPPH
Model showing interior of Hyde Park Picture House. Image: Page \ Park Architects
Model showing exterior facade of Hyde Park Picture House HPPH
Model showing exterior facade of Hyde Park Picture House. Image: Page Park Architects

Not only has this design and process approach achieved the client’s aspirations, it ensures a robust and safe construction sequence on a highly complex site.


Preserving a rich heritage and creating a sustainable future for this jewel in the cultural assets of Leeds, puts some of the very best of our thinking and talent on show.

The Hyde Park Picture House is set re-open its curtains in 2019. Expect rave reviews.

hyde park picture house redevelopment rendering visual
Preserving the history and redefining the future for an icon. Image: Page Park Architects

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