Designing for research effectiveness

In our latest design sprint we’ll be exploring ‘Designing for research effectiveness’ 

This design led event will explore how specialised research spaces, such as laboratories, might be configured and used to increase research effectiveness. 

We will be leading Sprints in various locations across the UK and US. The first two Sprints will take place in London (on either 7th or 28th May) and Edinburgh (on either 10th September or 3rd October).

For more information or to register interest in attending one of the Sprints, please email Frances via To learn about Design Sprints and what to expect on the day of a Sprint click here ↓


BuroHappold is an independent, international engineering practice that delivers creative, value-led Science + Technology research facilities. With hundreds of projects completed, including The Institute of Food Research’s Quadram Building, Centre for Cancer Immunology, Brown University’s Engineering Research Center and Princeton University School of Architecture, Laboratory for Embodied Computation, our team of experts recognise the importance of buildings that perform across a series of metrics.


Our industry leading science and technology facility design specialists and our data and analytics experts will be part of the team on the day of the sprint. Working in multi-disciplinary teams, we will be exploring design interventions that drive research effectiveness, the number of discoveries and profit. If you are interested in attending a forth coming ‘designing for research effectiveness’ sprint in London on either the 7th or 28th May. Or Edinburgh on either 10th September or 3rd October 2019 please email Frances via

Alternatively, if you are unable to attend a sprint, please feel free to contact any of the Buro Happold team above  to arrange an informal, no obligation conversation about how they may be able to help.


One of BuroHappold’s recent innovations is a unique planning tool that enables clients to participate in the design process of their facilities. The real time, collaborative environment allows clients to see which design interventions increase interactions between researchers in order to drive ideation and discoveries. The tool also shows the qualities of space, how space is used, building performance and staff wellbeing. Designing this way means that the effect of decisions taken are immediately visible allowing for multiples of design iterations in a short period.

We call this ‘Research Effectiveness’ and this unique tool reduces risk, optimises financial return and ensures an unrivalled research experience for your team.

Just some of our projects

Quadram Institute
UCLA Engineering VI
Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine
Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine

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