Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Edinburgh, UK

The world-leading Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM) is a brand new, 9000m2 facility which will spearhead the University of Edinburgh’s work into vital stem cell research.

A number of innovative renewable technologies will result in a facility that is both energy efficient and significantly reduces operational costs.


The client needed an integrated and highly innovative design for the state of the art facilities, including laboratories, research facilities, social areas and offices. Our solutions also needed to meet challenging green targets while achieving the highest technical standards.

It was also a vital requirement for laboratory spaces to have ‘black box’ conditions so that they are secure and contamination free, while other more social spaces can be open and free-flowing to encourage interaction between work colleagues.

Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine
Building a cutting edge research centre powered by renewable technologies. Image: Ben Kirkpatrick


To achieve the optimum research and social spaces, our team placed all areas needing controlled conditions towards the heart of the building and located offices and other open areas at the edge of the building; allowing the spaces to benefit from plenty of daylight and natural ventilation to create a bright and stimulating environment for staff.

The team had to think outside the box to achieve the bespoke clinical requirements, such as carbon-heavy controlled-condition laboratories and -80°C freezers, against the environmental specifications. The need for the lowest possible carbon footprint was a significant challenge: for example, incorporating chilled beams for cooling to counter the heat generated by equipment, has succeeded in almost halving the expected air volume and therefore significantly reduced energy usage.

Further reducing our client’s energy costs, our team designed other sustainable solutions into the building framework, including external shading, solar panels and natural ventilation. Meeting the demand for renewable energy sources, our ground-source heat pump system similarly reduces the building’s emissions, while contributing to the SCRM’s outstanding green credentials.

Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine
We worked alongside the architect to develop an integrated design that achieves high technical standards using innovative green technologies. Image: Ben Kirkpatrick


Our committed, creative and integrated approach enabled us to incorporate features to reduce the building’s carbon footprint by an impressive 18% in comparison to similar facilities. SCRM is on track to receive a coveted BREEAM ‘Excellent’ status; and is likely to become the first BREEAM ‘Excellent’ research laboratory in Europe. Our work has delivered an outstanding facility that supports SCRM’s vital work, while massively cutting carbon emissions.

Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine
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