Water is a finite, precious resource and the pressures associated with water scarcity, alongside the challenges of managing flood events, are becoming increasingly focused across the globe. The impact of climate change and increasing urbanisation brought on by population growth, has meant that effective Water Resource Management (WRM) is a high priority on many of our projects

The process of WRM is managing water use in an integrated manner to ensure that it is used in the most efficient way possible. As such it is a key part of water cycle management.

Buro Happold are highly experienced at identifying WRM plans at all project scales, from relatively small building plots in the UK to large international masterplans. Having identified the baseline water demand of a project, our team consider all water demand and supply points within that project to ensure that the use of potable water is as efficient as possible. Inherent to this is an understanding of the water quality required for a given use so that, as far as possible, potable water is provided only at those points where water of that quality is required. By matching quality of supply to quality of demand, along with a suite of demand reduction measures, we are typically able to demonstrate savings against the baseline demand up to 40% by considering blackwater, greywater and harvesting technologies for uses such as irrigation, toilet flushing and water-based landscape.

Our Water Strategies are informed in a thorough understanding of the requirements of the project, commercial reality, an in-depth understanding of local and national guidelines and codes of practice as well as cultural practices. This is especially important as our team delivers sustainable solutions around the globe in areas as diverse as Europe, North America and Asia, including the Middle East.

The outputs from our WRM studies are used to inform all stages of a project including the identification of infrastructure requirements at a masterplan scale, the Water Chapter of an Environmental Statement, and performance specification for buildings design. Our understanding of sustainable water management helps ensure that our clients have the confidence of planning authorities, stakeholders and other consultees and ensures that the planning process is de-risked in terms of water stress as far possible.

We believe that the way in which water is managed can be improved to help draw greater value from existing opportunities, and to deliver the integrated strategies and benefits which planning authorities, third parties and clients are increasingly expecting.

Our Water Resource Management services include:

  • Demand analysis and water balance modelling
  • Sustainable supply and alternative technologies
  • Water strategies
  • Environmental statements
  • Surface water management plans
  • Water quality analysis and management
  • Policy input and definition
  • Management plans
  • Infrastructure requirements

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