Go Cycle: Kingston Station

Kingston, UK

As an effect of urbanisation the population of Kingston is set to grow 30% by 2050, meaning that more and more people will need to move in and around the borough. Kingston Station, to prepare for this growth, wanted to implement a new sustainable transport solution that integrated modern transport infrastructure.


Buro Happold was commissioned to upgrade Kingston Station’s forecourt facilities to ensure smoother transitions between different modes of transport. Our engineers needed to change the current vehicle dominated environment, to one that was inviting to slower and more sustainable, healthier modes of travel (pedestrians and cyclists).

In addition to this, our specialists were tasked with creating up to 700 new cycle spaces within a constrained space. These were to be positioned as close as possible to the station to encourage usage.

Kingston Go Cycle project
Inside the beacon at Kingston Station for the GO cycle project. Image: Sarah Wigglesworth Architects


Our team developed a vision defining how the station area could be transformed into a gateway for multiple user groups to different areas of the town and beyond. We identified underutilised routes from the station and combined them into a coherent wayfinding strategy. We aimed to prioritise ground-based, self-propelled transport for people of all ages and mobility.

Image: OKRA

The resulting design included a new cycle hub and bridge. With a new facility of up to 700 cycle capacity and a bicycle and pedestrian foot bridge, connections to the River Thames and wayfinding into town would be improved. By encouraging cycling the proposal will reduce vehicle congestion and pollution – while complementing the council’s wider vision for more active and enjoyable movement throughout Kingston.

To make sure that the site was well-balanced for all transport users we carried out extensive public consultation, coupled with working alongside local train operators. This ensured that the improvements, in close proximity to the operational station, were both feasible and beneficial.

Kingston Go Cycle project
On the Square outside Kingston Station with views of the GO cycle beacon. Image: OKRA


With a strong collaborative team, we were able to devise a popular solution that will improve overall cyclist and pedestrian experience throughout Kingston, as well as reduce demand on the existing highway and its users.

Kingston Go Cycle project
River of the river link for the GO cycle project. Image: OKRA

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