By working with Buro Happold your project will benefit from specialist technology consultancy that delivers bespoke strategies. Our engineered solutions meet client needs by considering operational requirements, business case, user expectation, future readiness for technology investment and the wider architectural vision.

Accelerating technological advancements are driving a seismic shift in how we work across all industries. Technology now comprises both the frame on which the built environment is constructed and the nerve centre sitting at its core; it plays a vital role in ensuring that business is responsive, scalable and adaptable.

Our integrated approach to harnessing technology – coupled with in-depth, sector-specific knowledge – helps clients navigate this dynamic environment to create business value.

Our technology services include:

  • Digital technology auditing and assessment
  • Digital technology brief and strategy development
  • Systems definition consultancy
  • Infrastructure and systems design
  • Technology procurement consultancy and support
  • Wiredscore accreditation support (Commercial and residential)
  • Smart Readiness Indicator accreditation support
  • Wireless impact assessment and modelling

Understanding the issues

We take time to understand project objectives before considering which technology best supports our solutions in delivering return on investment and ease of management. By developing relationships and working closely with our clients, we can discern exactly what is required to meet defined business needs ahead of starting a digital transformation. Buro Happold’s team then selects bespoke products that work for the project’s complete technology life cycle.

Leading the field

Keeping pace with such a rapidly evolving ecosystem is a challenging task. Our technology consultants connect with industry, engage in R&D and contribute to steering regulatory and statutory frameworks. By interacting with academia and sector-specific specialists at the source, we not only remain up to date but also help to drive progress that solves client issues.

Working collaboratively

A product can only be improved when all those involved in advancing it work together. Buro Happold’s technology consultants are uniquely placed as we work side by side with both core and specialist disciplines. Avoiding silo approaches, we can engage in the fine detail of custom design right from the start. We are also fully integrated with the BIM environment and seek to leverage the advantages in clarity this can bring.

Project highlights

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

London, UK

The new stadium for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is part of a 20-acre regeneration project within Haringey.

While initially providing communications infrastructure design, our lead consultants identified a series of risks involving several stadium-specific technology packages. Subsequently, our work has expanded to provide design and procurement support across an array of discrete technology packages.

kuwait university

Kuwait University


Buro Happold delivered sophisticated technology solutions across four buildings for the faculties of Computer Sciences and Architecture on the new Shadadiyah campus.

Our role required us to take a fresh look at innovation in education, specifically the demands of Education 4.0. We worked closely with design teams across several companies and the university to develop a unique plug and play IT and AV infrastructure. This enabled rapid deployment of a number of sophisticated systems, which allowed the university to reduce capital expenditure while offering flexibility to expand their equipment portfolio in response to demand.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE

This project presented the opportunity to develop a truly comprehensive and detailed technology brief. In a building that is a work of art, our team worked closely with the architect, client and museum experts to ensure that seamless, scalable and – above all – invisible technology could be integrated into the fabric of the structure.

A vast range of technology elements required our team to deliver a high level of attention. Many components were custom-designed for the project; of these, several were precisely tailored just for the part of the museum in which they are installed. Moreover, careful consideration was necessary to ensure that the procurement and supply chain could deliver on time and to specification.

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