Kama Tri-City Integrated Masterplan

Usolye, Russia

Located in the Ural Mountains, the Kama Tri-City region is home to a wealth of metal, oil and gas reserves, as well as 30% of the world’s potash resources. Despite these natural assets, this industrial region is suffering from severe working age population decline – not least due to its remote location and lack of infrastructure.

Working in conjunction with KK Architects, Buro Happold won the competition to design a regional masterplan that would revitalise the three cities for a new generation.


To deliver a successful masterplan, our team had to define a strategy that would move the three cities forward in a whole new direction. It needed to combine better infrastructure, improved transport links and a high quality of housing, with the unique vision required to attract a whole new social demographic to this declining area.

Our team sought to develop a masterplan that makes the most of the region’s natural benefits, while also providing ways to reboot the economy and improve the social dynamic of the area.

Thomas Kraubitz, Buro Happold


Over three years, we got to know the region and its people in order to discover what was necessary, and what was possible.

We approached the regeneration of the area with typical sensitivity, retaining the distinct character of each of the three cities by preserving important historic buildings such as town halls and churches, while also giving existing housing stock a facelift and building new homes aimed at a younger, more affluent market.

By evaluating the existing transport system we were able to design upgrades that would create far better links with the wider country beyond.

Revitalising a declining region with a forward-looking masterplan that combines sustainable economic development with sensitive social regeneration. Image: Maxim Tatarinov


Our final masterplan exceeded all expectations, mapping out a socially and financially viable plan for the regeneration of the cities. It is the tool that will shape the future of the Kama Tri-City region, and in turn set the standard for sustainable urban retrofits throughout Russia.

We have opened up the possibility for commuters to come and live in the Tri-City area, where they can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.

Andrew Robertson, Country Manager

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