Transport Development Planning provides land owners, developers and city planners with an understanding of how to integrate transport and mobility needs with that of land use planning and ensure a symbiotic urban fabric, thereby connecting people, goods, services and places

We relish the opportunity to provide robust and comprehensive advice to clients throughout all stages of the planning process, from its earliest stages when opportunities to influence a design and add value are greatest, through to post-application inputs.

Masterplanning, concept and detailed design

We bring an international perspective to masterplanning projects, from the formulation of transport strategy to the detailed estimation of travel demands, all within the context of the overall masterplan objectives. We work closely with clients, planners, designers and economists to understand the complexities of the environment in which we are designing and produce high-quality graphics to explain our concepts and thinking. We seek to maximise opportunities for creating walkable, human-scale environments that fully integrate with public transport and other movement systems. We understand the need for flexibility when masterplanning given the timescales involved, and also seek to make best use of emerging and future technologies.

Transport assessments/impact studies

We offer a full range of transport assessment analyses to support fundamental decisions relating to development viability.  These can range from initial feasibility assessments, often based on no more than a site visit or a desk-top assessment of local conditions and policies, through to full transport assessments utilising city-wide transport models for area-wide analysis.

Supporting government authorities with development planning

We are able to support local, national and regional government in providing additional resourcing to regulatory functions as part of a consultant role. These services range from producing development briefs setting out development frameworks to guide the development for sites that may or may not be owned by the local authority, to reviewing transport related submissions in support of planning applications. Our consultants have also in the past advised local government agencies on the preparation of supplementary planning guidance.

Transport modelling and demand forecasting

We use a number of leading software packages to create computer models of multi-modal trips in order to understand how a particular transport system will operate. We are also able to model the movement of people for example at shopping centres, large public events such as sports or entertainment venues, transport interchanges and commercial buildings. We are able to use these tools to test and inform the transport and mobility strategies and system design of projects.

Transport engineering

We are able to prepare designs for traffic and transport systems at both concept and detailed stages. This addresses the constraints of existing physical infrastructure and the provision of a holistic system that will safely and effectively accommodate the demand for travel.

Travel Planning

We understand the importance of developing travel plans for new developments that will improve choice and use of sustainable modes of transport and reduce the environmental impacts arising from single-occupancy vehicle use. We create tailor made travel plans that meet requirements set out in national and local policy, and respond to unique travel issues and opportunities proposed by each site.

Delivery and servicing plans/logistics

We strive to reduce the impact of goods vehicles within and around a site by developing strategies for the delivery of goods and removal of waste. From access and legal frameworks, to the design of service areas, we provide advice on all areas of logistics for developments of all sizes. Our work produces significant benefits by rationalising service-area operations, be it with the use of consolidation centres or the development of management guidelines for users.

Construction management plans

Managing the traffic associated during the construction of developments is a key element of success in a development project. This may include restricting access during construction, closing roads, controlling management of vehicles and highways on a temporary basis.

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