Ten environmental factors to improve Health, Wellbeing and Productivity Part 1

The WGBC’s ‘Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Retail’ report identified ten key building environmental factors that impact the Health, Wellbeing and Productivity of people.

Through working collaboratively with a range of specialisms in an integrated manner environmental factors can be improved and deliver better organisational performance. The interactive graphic below provide examples of how building elements can be specified to create environments that improve peoples’ experience and the associated research that demonstrates indicative performance improvements that can positively impact a company’s economic profitability.

The first four environmental factors – air quality, thermal comfort, lighting and daylighting, and acoustics, can be assessed and monitored using specific metrics for each environmental factor.  For example, research demonstrates that increasing ventilation to deliver 24 l/person/s outdoor air supply (compared to 12 l/person/s) can reduce short term sick leave by 35%1, and improved overall indoor air quality can result in productivity improvements of up to 11%2.

The other six environmental factors under the framework are views and biophilia, interior layout, look and feel, active/inclusive design, amenities, and community engagement. There is qualitative design guidance for each environmental factor but little or no widely recognised metrics or minimum standards. The infographic summarises some of the robust evidence under each of the factors demonstrating their positive impact on Health, Wellbeing and Productivity. This draws upon some of the research compiled in Appendix A3 of the Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Retail Report  (to which Buro Happold’s Anthony Davies, Phil Hampshire and Antoine Dao contributed). For more on these more qualitative factors, read my blog on the Importance of the Immeasurable.

To find out more about how our design and engineering expertise can help create healthier and more productive environments for you and your organisation, visit our Health, Wellbeing and Productivity page.

VIDEO: WELL AP, Dr Phil Hampshire on health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace

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