Water infrastructure is the lifeline by which water is delivered to cities and developments to support numerous agricultural, human and industry demands. It is essential to the successful delivery of effective water resource management.

Water infrastructure also plays a key role in safely draining wastewater from sites and cities therefore protecting the health of communities and the environment. The design of water infrastructure can also significantly impact network costs, reliability of service, ease of maintenance and operational efficiency.

Through careful assessment of site conditions, topography, and local resources, infrastructure can be planned and designed to offer flexible supply routes, optimise supply water pressures and reduce pumping and operation costs.

The detailed assessment of existing and proposed water demands is used to identify appropriate infrastructure capable of satisfying the needs of buildings, irrigation, district cooling systems, industry and the natural environment.

Potable and non-potable water supply networks can be designed to distribute flows as efficiently as possible, reducing frictional energy losses, achieving optimum flow velocities and delivering  suitable end user supply pressures. Valves and fittings can also be strategically located to ensure the network can be operated flexibly and is resilient to bursts or failures.

Buro Happold has extensive experience of outlining infrastructure supply and storage options and developing them through to detailed design and construction. Our in-house experts use hydraulic modelling software WaterCAD and draw upon decades of experience in the successful design and installation of these systems.

Our expertise in water utility and network design includes:

  • Demand analysis
  • Sustainable supply and re-use strategies
  • Network modelling and analysis
  • Treatment strategies
  • Resilience analysis
  • Environmental performance indicators (BREAM, CEEQUAL)
  • Detailed design

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