Our team provides transport planners, facilitators and providers with objectives and a method for delivering improved transport services and systems, thereby connecting people, goods, services and places

We fully appreciate the importance of planning transport for the future, ensuring that transport strategies are supported by realistic objectives, funding and programmes for development. We are able to advise on how strategies can accommodate new and improved transport systems alongside changing mobility needs and behaviour, so that strategies are flexible and resilient. Whether it is a comprehensive transport strategy with multiple objectives or strategies focused on single issues, we are able to provide our clients with best practice advice in an independent and thought provoking manner.

Local, regional and national transport plan development

We are able to offer support to government agencies at a local, regional and national level in the creation of long term transport plans, including setting out key objectives and programmes for achieving them, as well as support with bidding to budget holders to fund the required changes identified. Our consultants are adept at providing the stakeholder management and public engagement services required to deliver these outcomes.

Comprehensive strategy development

We are able to provide strategic advice on the design, layout and management of interoperable modes of transport. This can vary in scale from a specific area within a city through to city-wide. As part of this comprehensive approach we are also able to apply our in-depth knowledge of travel behaviours to fully integrate the role of demand management as a complementary part of the approach.

Focused strategy development

We are able to develop strategies that are focussed on a singular transport mode or asset including Delivery and Servicing Plans, Parking Strategies a Cycle Network Strategies. Within such strategies we are able to undertake forecasting of demand, the design of layouts, and recommendations as to how to maximise the efficiency of service management.

Transport planning and delivery for major events and venues

With experience in delivering successful strategies for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that travel behaviour to major events is influenced in a way that optimises capacity across the existing transport network thereby negating the need for significant investment in new transport infrastructure for a relatively short peak in demand.

We are able to assess the demand for travel through analysis of event goer ticketing data and experience from previous events, and as a result we can develop transport plans for events as a whole and for individual venues that maximise existing transport capacity and focus enhancements where required. We are adept at developing travel demand management strategies that ensure the delivery of accurate and informative travel information and advice (both to event goers and those travelling in the area but not going to the event) and use new technologies such as multi-modal journey planners and social media to influence travel behaviours. We are also able to draw on experts in the operation of events and venue transport plans to put plans into effect.

Transport investment bidding/funding advice

We can provide advice to authorities on how to prioritise investment on transport infrastructure and services in order to achieve maximum benefit from investment. Our consultants have supported government agencies and the private sector in developing robust business cases required to secure major investment.

Transport strategy monitoring

We recognise that any strategy is only as good as the rigour applied to understanding how effectively it is being delivered. Once a Transport Strategy has been planned and adopted, it is crucially important to monitor its progress in order to ensure its success. We are able to provide assistance with the development of monitoring strategies, including setting out key performance indicators and analysing the progress of strategic priorities, and can also assist clients in undertaking monitoring activity in a highly cost-effective manner.

Stakeholder engagement

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach and our consultants are skilled at managing a wide range of stakeholder requirements and facilitating large scale public consultation activities. We have considerable experience in organising multi-agency workshops, public research groups and more structured consultation events. Central to our approach is ensuring that we provide an opportunity for those with an interest to share their views, and take them into account when arriving at an outcome. We believe strongly in engendering a shared view and wherever possible devising a way forward where everyone feels that they have had a fair opportunity to participate.

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