Mobility Management enables everyone to fully understand their mobility needs and challenges and the way they operate in order to facilitate change of behaviour, optimise the use of the transport systems and connect people, goods, services and places

We appreciate the level of human focus required to understand why issues arise with a site’s transport accessibility. People sit at the heart of transport and mobility, and transport systems should meet their changing lifestyle needs. This understanding sits within our Transport Development Planning and Transport Strategy work, but also forms a core service in itself – offering specialist knowledge on behaviour change, changing modes of transport and understanding changing transport demands. We understand the future potential of mobility as a service and use this to bring forward innovative ground breaking approaches to problem solving.

Demand management support

We understand that large scale developments and events generate a large volume of trips. We also understand the potential issues caused to transport systems that may already be at capacity and the resulting unpleasant travel experiences for those involved.

We provide demand management support for large trip generators such as events, construction, hospitals, universities etc. that can optimise demand for travel across the transport network, resulting in demand being spread where there is available capacity.

In addition to the traditional transport planning skills we are able to draw on experts in the fields of marketing, communications, information and outreach to bring a unique blend of experiences to innovative, cost effective solutions.

Travel plans

Using our considerable experience in consulting with developers and key stakeholders, including users and visitors, we can develop travel plans for existing and planned developments that improve access to sites and reduce the environmental impacts by recommending ways to discourage travel by single occupancy vehicles.

Designing and developing new mobility products and services

We are able to support clients in the design, development, delivery and maintenance of a range of new products and services required to support the new transport agenda. Whether it is the latest journey planning technology, smart parking solution or rewards based incentive schemes we can either directly or in partnership identify where the application of a new solution might be required and then work with clients to design, develop and deliver bespoke solutions in a cost-effective agile manner.

Intelligent mobility and the disruptive technology environment

We are living among the first generation to not only see a major change in transportation modes in many decades but also a new way in thinking in terms of mobility as a service, including the introduction of the ‘shareconomy’ and widespread on-demand transport, as well as the future promise of autonomous vehicles and the steady uptake of electric vehicles. Allied to this are technologies that are changing the way the transport market is understood, accessed and used. We are able to provide studies and recommendations on how to effectively apply intelligent mobility including; car clubs, car sharing, e-vehicle infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, etc.

Our consultants are at the cutting edge of new advances in smart city thinking. With this in mind we have a full appreciation of the potential offered by the move to fewer people owning private transport and instead, drawing on the principles of shareconomy, where they require on demand travel services usually accessed through a hand held mobile device. We have access to experts in the existing and emerging fields of technology, combined with consultants with the vision and passion to guide clients through how they can embrace mobility as a service in such a way that it supports the continued growth of their communities.

Behaviour change marketing

We have expertise in creating travel campaigns to support behaviour change. We understand the potential outcomes available from managing demand though marketing, communication, information and outreach (for example through journey planning Apps or business engagement support).

Delivery and servicing plans

Our consultants work with existing organisations and sites to help them manage the movement of goods and waste to and from their premises. We strive to reduce the impact of goods vehicles within and around a site by developing strategies for the delivery of goods and removal of waste.

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