Buro Happold have created a simple but powerful approach, backed by an online tool that makes resilience quantifiable, comparable and crucially manageable


Our framework:

We need to measure resilience if we are to manage it and improve it. This tool provides a baseline from which to build resilience capital. To prioritise and encourage investment in resilience we compare the cost-benefit of different strategies by measuring the value of political, economic, physical and social programs.

The Resilience Insight online diagnostic tool created by Buro Happold provides an online stakeholder engagement platform that gathers rich data across silos and provides immediate feedback on a city or area’s resilience priorities.

Resilience Insight is free to use but you will need a License Key from the Risk and Resilience team.  If you have not already received a key, please contact us at risk&resilience@burohappold.com. We will need your last name, city or organisation and email address.

The tool has recently been updated into two modules. The tutorials and user guide will be updated in line with these minor changes soon.

Try the tool here…

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