An immediate tactical service to safely reopen buildings and businesses as Covid-19 lockdowns are eased

With an assumed step by step release of the Covid-19 lockdown that will affect nearly all industries – from offices and universities to theatres and museums, from restaurants and retail to sports and leisure – getting clients ready to reopen their facilities will largely depend on users feeling safe.

At Buro Happold, we understand that every facility, building, workplace or organisation has different individual demands. Each are grappling with the same fundamental issues to begin the immediate steps of reopening – starting with the health, safety and wellbeing of the user.

Most important is a person’s ability to feel that their health and safety is being taken seriously. To do this, we believe that a good communication strategy, visible care and the right level of employee and general engagement with users at all stages will be of highest importance, complemented by a set of behavioural requirements.

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In preparation, building operators need to be ready for reopening and we at Buro Happold – as global multidisciplinary engineers, consultants and advisors – are uniquely positioned to implement two key steps needed to achieve this.

Spatial organisation

We can determine, through scientific data analytics and predictive modelling, how to facilitate safe use, movement and social distancing for all places through space planning and organization and people flow logistics.

Key areas to resolve are: 

  • Access
  • People flow
  • Space planning and organisation
  • Use of amenities such as elevators and waiting areas
  • Use of back of house facilities
  • Physical barriers
  • Wayfinding and signage
  • Live occupancy modelling

How we can help:

To achieve this, Buro Happold will lead the Analytics capability and team with space planners and/or architects to deliver a comprehensive spatial approach.

View our Analytics service offering

Technical upgrades to building systems

At a technical level, building mechanical systems will need to be upgraded; specifically, ventilation, heating and cooling in order to provide a higher level of air quality. Additionally, there will need to be a more comprehensive look at the building operations systems in order to facilitate the space use measures outlined under the first point.

Key areas to receive updates are:

  • MEP installations/air quality
  • Access management systems
  • Vertical circulation systems
  • Touch free entry and exit throughout
  • Data feedback and model feedback
  • Identify poorly ventilated areas using CFD analysis

How we can help:

An expert in building systems engineering, Buro Happold will lead the technical design and detailing of all necessary adjustments to the MEP services, data systems and BMS.

Read more about our MEP capabilities

How can we emerge from the crisis into a more resilient, sustainable future?

Buro Happold understands that reopening from lockdown – from businesses and workplaces to entertainment and dining – will be happening in phases and that requirements for social distancing, occupancy and size of gatherings will gradually shift.

We acknowledge that there is an element of uncertainty around reopening; Buro Happold will work closely in line with local government and relevant bodies’ regulations and guidance as events unfold. A continued readjustment of the strategies around space planning intervention will be required. Our modelling can facilitate this and ensure this happens in real time.

Looking further into the future, we will work with you to ensure your facility continues to be focused on the health and wellbeing of all who use it.

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