SmartViz is a unique platform that delivers realtime insights to empower building owners and operators to get more from their assets and people.

The Workplace Analytics module puts building performance, occupant wellbeing, productivity, and space quality data into the hands of the CFOs, COOs, real estate / property managers and facilities managers:

  • Maximize space efficiency
  • Enhance human wellbeing and productivity
  • Improve climate resilience
  • Save operational costs
  • Increase flexibility and resilience to Covid-19 and future Pandemics.

This intuitive 3D platform works with a myriad of IoT sensors, BMS systems, and scales on demand to any size of portfolio thanks to its integration with Microsoft Azure. Delivering unique integration of historic, real-time and predictive modelling.

How it works

How it works

1.Data to

Visualising historic and realtime data

An interactive, intuitive visualisation of the asset and people performance using historic and realtime data.

2. Insights to

Predictive modelling and optioneering

Realtime predictive modelling and optioneering to test impact on human and real estate performance.

3. Decisions to

Scenario planning and optimising

Ongoing scenario planning and optimisation to improve outcomes on staff productivity, space use, energy efficiency, smart operations, etc.

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Workplace space and energy insights


  • Live insights dashboard
  • Realtime space utilisation
  • Realtime room utilisation
  • Energy use insights
  • 2D/3D CAD integration
  • Desk + room sensor integration
  • Energy data integration
  • Realtime standard reporting

from £200 /floor/mo £0* setup fee


Workplace space, energy and environment optimisation

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Advanced Insights
  • Realtime outlier alerts and alarms
  • Temp and humidity monitoring
  • Lighting usage insights
  • Air Quality Insights
  • IoT sensor data integration
  • Flexible PowerBI reporting

from £500 /floor/mo £0* setup fee


Workplace Analytics asset, people, energy and environment optimisation

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Predictive modelling
  • Predictive and ‘what if’ simulations
  • Human productivity insights
  • Insights to improve efficiency
  • Meeting data integration
  • BMS data integration
  • Monthly ‘insights’ and support call

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* No setup fee for orders during 2020. Prices are indicative – contact us for specific quotes.

Client portfolio

Analytics client portfolio

What our clients say

Vodafone are using Buro Happold’s SmartViz platform which is helping us save multi-million dollars per annum. Additionally it has reduced over 30% of meeting spaces and highlighted opportunities for significant improvement of productivity. The analytics and insights provided by Buro Happold’s platform has helped us not only streamline the data across our global portfolio of assets, it has also helped us expand our use of IoT sensors and data in boosting space utilisation and employee productivity.

Richard Muraszko
Group Property Strategy Manager, Vodafone

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