Introducing Cultural Venue Analytics – A dedicated cultural space and visitor experience optimisation service

Buro Happold is among the very first to connect data and analytics with museum and theatre buildings performance, the visitor experience, space quality and utilisation. The real-time design, visualisation and reporting capability has the potential to revolutionise how museum and theatre buildings space is planned, used and monitored.

Powered by our Analytics engine, Cultural Venue Analytics is a unique planning tool that enables clients to participate in optimising the design and operations of their facilities. This provides easy to digest insights into the quality of environment along with how and why space is used. Building performance and the visitor experience are also assessed.

An example of our cultural venue planning tool modelling people flow within a museum environment

Creating the best visitor experience for cultural venues

Knowing which interior layout creates the very best visitor experience and environment means that clients can design and operate their venues with particular outcomes in mind. For example, which circulation route through the venue drives the most engagement and inclusive experience for every visitor? Which circulation space and route results in the most donations? Being able to benchmark museum and theatre design with some of the world’s best-known venues and operators can provide insight into which people-oriented designs are most likely to optimise experience, engagement and income.

Cultural Venue Analytics provides a real-time, interactive ‘day in the life’ model. The tool empowers key decision makers by enabling them to rapidly test scenarios and options to see which one delivers the best outcomes.

Our cultural venue analytics tool in action showing what a visitor can see when moving through the National History Museum, UK.

Our Cultural Venue Analytics services include

  • Realtime monitoring and performance optimisation dashboards
  • Visitor engagement and journey analytics
  • Operational analytics
  • Economic modelling, revenue and funding assessments
  • Exhibition layout optimisation
  • Masterplanning
  • Wayfinding strategy
  • Asset monitoring and control

In action

International Museum Abu Dhabi

Optimising the circulation layouts and visitor processes (security, ticketing, guide book sales, school groups, and conference groups) for all visitors to the museum.

Natural History Museum

Data capture, dynamic people flow modelling and operational dashboard to inform and optimise design and operations for visitor experience and throughput capacity during and after construction.

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie

Resolving major congestion and pedestrian-vehicle conflict issues including ticketing, access, parking, circulation and operational aspects of this iconic theatre.

Doha Cultural District Masterplan

Site layout optimisation to enhance accessibility, views, wayfinding, connectivity, retail footfall and visitor experience.

Realtime crowd flow modelling

Model as you sketch! Modelling of Olympicopolis public realm using realtime simulation feature of Buro Happold’s SmartMove software.

Wellcome Collections, UK

Informing and optimising the revised layout of the entrance area, including reception, circulation stairs, café, lift provisions and circulation within the exhibition areas.

HOME, Manchester, UK

Dynamic people flow modelling of the complex visitor movements at this multi-function venue to optimise spectator densities in foyer areas, queue areas and inform operations to enhance overall visitor experience.

The Factory, Manchester, UK

Dynamic day-in-life modelling of the complex visitor movements at this multi-function venue to optimise spectator densities in foyer areas, queue areas and inform operations to enhance overall visitor experience.

Key benefits

Drives building energy performance

Improves interaction / collaboration

Maps environmental parameters – including air quality, thermal comfort and daylight

Space Efficiency

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