UCSB Faculty Club Renovation and Addition

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Designed by Charles W. Moore in 1966, the Faculty Club is one of University of California Santa Barbara’s most iconic buildings.

For over 50 years, it has provided staff, students and visitors alike with a place to relax, socialise, dine and conduct business. As the university has grown, however, the demands placed on the club have increased.

In response, our client commissioned this ambitious expansion project, which doubles the size of the existing building and provides additional meeting rooms, dining areas and 34 hotel-style guest rooms, as well as a new conference room, kitchen and outdoor terrace.


As with all projects involving historic or architecturally important buildings, our main concern was finding ways in which to modify the structure and services of the original club so that it can respond to modern needs, without compromising the integrity of the 1960s features. In addition, we had to ensure our solutions were sustainable and energy efficient to realise our client’s aim of achieving LEED Silver certification.


We worked closely with the architect and the wider project team to incorporate low energy strategies at every opportunity. Initially, our engineers mapped the orientation and form of the extension so as to maximise the amount of natural light flooding into the building, and counterbalanced the negative effects of solar heat gain and glare with passive and active shading on the facades. Inside, we used thermal mass to moderate temperatures, a variety of passive ventilation techniques to suit the differing requirements of each space, and lighting occupancy “sensUCSBors” to further improve energy performance.

UCSB Faculty Club
The re-imagined facilities at UCSB provides a relaxed, community focused space while maintaining the original 1960s building. Image: UC Santa Barbara


The new Faculty Club provides UCSB and the wider community with comfortable, contemporary facilities set within the timeless grandeur of the original building.

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