The Majestic

Leeds, UK

Buro Happold is helping to transform a well-loved Grade II Leeds landmark into a state-of-the-art contemporary office workspace.

More than 50,000 people flocked to The Majestic Cinema when it opened in 1922. Boasting the largest restaurant and ballroom in Europe, it was an architectural wonder of its day. The building has been repurposed many times including being used as a bingo hall and subsequently, a nightclub. Our team is working to bring the Majestic back to life by providing building services engineering (MEP) and civil and structural engineering services. We’re working sensitively with the Majestic’s iconic history and prime location, which is opposite Leeds train station.


The main goal of the project is to create a sleek office interior without compromising the building’s beloved historical facade.

Rushbond Group, the developer behind the stunning redevelopment, require the building’s sustainability and energy targets to be a minimum BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating. The Majestic’s engineering must be as flexible as possible so that its future is sustainable.

As part of the transformation, a new triple height domed foyer has been introduced, flooding the interior with natural light. Image: Rushbond Group


Buro Happold has worked painstakingly with the design team to retain the Majestic’s key heritage feature within the design. Key aspects of the original building will be sympathetically reinterpreted. The impressive proscenium arch will be placed in its former location making it the main feature of the spacious, three-storey foyer.

Although constrained by the listed facade, our team has designed a new lightwell into the deep floor plate. This brings more natural light into the heart of the historical building.

The Majestic’s listed external envelope conceals an ultra modern, state of the art office interior. Image: Rushbond Group

Our engineers considered the energy requirements at every stage of the design by designing efficient building services. Low specific fan powers, inverter driven pumps and air handling flow rates will all be controlled by the people working in the building.

To keep the Majestic adaptable for future uses, Buro Happold introduced clear floor plates, raised access floors and zoned servicing strategies. The location of plant and services have been carefully considered so that they can be cleanly replaced and refurbished in the future, if required.

The Majestic leeds new channel 4 tv HQ
Great care has been taken to respect the heritage of of this iconic landmark building, which has a bright future ahead as part of the city’s vibrant and growing economy. Image: Rushbond Group.


Preserving the Majestic’s historical integrity while giving it an entirely new purpose is a noble undertaking. When completed, this ultramodern space will serve as an inspiring working environment for business and individuals for years to come.

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