The Coca-Cola Arena

Dubai, UAE

Dubai Arena is a 17,000-capacity indoor venue that can accommodate a host of events including concerts, ceremonies, exhibitions, conferences and sports events. It is the latest addition to the City Walk outdoor retail and entertainment complex.


Meraas engaged our engineers in a review role for structural and facade engineering. The key drivers for our client were to find cost efficiencies and increase functionality for the operator, AEG Ogden.

Exterior image of The Coca-Cola arena in Dubai, situated at City Walk.
The 17,000-capacity arena is the largest in a geographic region stretching from Istanbul to Singapore and will provide a world-class concert experience. Image: Jeff Fox


We created an entirely new 3D model for a reconfigured design that would be cheaper and more functional than the original concept design. The steelwork in this proposal weighed in at 4,700 tonnes; our design reduced this down to 3,430. This was later further reduced to 3,332. The end result was a saving of 1400 tonnes and $4m. Our recommendations also steered the design to facilitate fast and safe show rigging, vital for all financially sustainable arenas. We listened and spent time with the operators and proposed a system of rigging, with a reconfiguring of bridles, truss spacing and depth, and catwalks. The result was a system of finger walkways below the secondary trusses, with rigging elements capable of supporting both bridling and rolling hoists. This raised the height of the rigging and allowed for greater flexibility and functionality.

Close-up exterior image of The Coca-Cola arena in Dubai
Our reconfigured design was cheaper and allowed more functionality for the client. Image: Jeff Fox


The benefit to the client of our redesign was a more aesthetically pleasing roof design that also delivered significant cost savings. On top of that, we were able to provide a more functional and practical rigging system that maintains a 22-metre clear operational height across all stage locations. The result delighted AEG Ogden who suggested it was the “best functional and safest rigging system that he had come across anywhere in the world”. This will result in greater revenue for the arena, delivering further benefit to the client.

Exterior image of The Coca-Cola arena in Dubai
The striking exterior for this premier entertainment and sports venue illuminates the surrounds. Image: Jeff Fox

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