Berlin, Germany

Situated near the Südkreuz station in Berlin’s Schöneberg district, OVG Real Estate has acquired a 10,000m2 property with the intention of creating 30,000m2 of office space.


Buro Happold has been appointed to provide structural and MEP services, as well as BIM management for the project. Our sustainability consultants will also be devising a value adding strategy to support the pursuit of German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) certification + WELL. Unusually for the German market, the contractor was already involved in the project during the pre-design phase allowing us to work collaboratively and harness their specialist knowledge.


We worked closely with Cree by Rhomberg, innovators of a revolutionary new construction system, to achieve a fully modular, timber-concrete-hybrid structure. The advantages of this approach include rapid construction, the sustainable nature of the material and ultimately, the realisation of a more desirable working environment. Additionally, the structure’s light weight will significantly reduce costs associated with creating the building’s foundation.

The design features timber throughout and incorporates floor-to-ceiling windows, which will afford people passing by glimpses into the wooden interior. Oversailing the 1.600m2 atrium, the roof construction will be comprised of lightweight ETFE-cushions, a visually appealing while cost efficient design element. Trussed timber roof beams will help to ensure visual continuity with the rest of the building.

In addition to the use of sustainable materials, it was vital that sustainable design principles informed all aspects of the design. As BIM manager, our role also involved devising a BIM execution plan to merge the separate models of the single disciplines into one coordinated representation. This approach helped to ensure efficient and accurate quality and coordination tests.

Our integrated approach enabled us to work closely with the certification team to achieve this aim. The project is expected to receive a high DGNB-rating.

Markus Schoppe, Group Director at Buro Happold
Sudkreuz berlin
This pioneering new office complex will feature a revolutionary fully modular, timber-concrete-hybrid structure. Image: OVG Real Estate


Scheduled for completion in 2020, this innovative modular hybrid structure will be the first of its kind in Germany and is set to become a landmark project in the German commercial building sector.

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