Odenplan Station

Stockholm, Sweden

Forming part of the plans to extend and modernise Odenplan Station to accommodate the new Citybanan metro line, the new entrance building is at once a focal point for this important public space and a functional gateway for commuters.

Taking inspiration from rational and rectangular geometry, the building’s sculptural form is in keeping with Stockholm metro system’s commitment to promoting the arts across its stations.


A key challenge for our team was to work within the restrictions created by a sub-structure that was already in existence on site and which had been designed to carry loads for a very different entrance design. Because this couldn’t be removed, we had to find solutions that would work within and around this considerable constraint.

Odenplan Station Sweden
Despite being confined by significant space restrictions, our team devised a slender yet elegant support structure for the entrance hall. Image: 3XN


Buro Happold collaborated with 3XN Architects to develop a structural design that integrated with the existing sub-structure, while also providing the additional strength required to support the new entrance building. Confined by height restrictions, both internally and externally, the final design is for a slender support structure comprising a 10 tonne steel beam, which spans 37 metres between the end walls and rests on the visually striking raked seating structure.

The innovative facade system is formed of ceramic tiles on both roof and walls that are intricately detailed to minimise the build-up of water and to provide a controlled flow of rainwater into the drainage system.

Odenplan Station Sweden
As well as improving the commuter experience at Odenplan Station, the new building provides residents and visitors with a place to pause and enjoy their surroundings. Image: 3XN


The expert solutions developed by our engineers enabled the architect’s beautiful, curved, amphitheatre-like design to be realised. As a result, the new entrance building for Odenplan Station integrates perfectly with the surrounding cityscape. With aspirations of giving something back to the public realm, the building is architecturally inviting while offering an open, interactive public space.

Odenplan Station
A striking new entrance building for Odenplan Station that is both an inviting gateway for commuters and a beautiful addition to the public realm. Image: 3XN

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