Lynn University Masterplan

Boca Raton, FL, USA

Lynn University is one of the most ambitious universities in North America. Independent, co-educational and innovative, the mainly residential 3,500 students at Lynn benefit from one of the finest 21st century learning environments.

The 115-acre (47 ha) lushly landscaped campus in South Florida provides a major contribution to Lynn’s undoubted success.


As part of Lynn’s pursuit of high academic goals the redevelopment of the university masterplan was one of the key milestones toward creating a fully integrated, energy efficient and ecologically sensitive landscape within which the campus sits.

At the time of the audit, the campus was also using 30% more energy than peer institutions, with 70% of water use being for irrigating the grounds, which include a large number of exotic plants. Part of the challenge here included a lack of climate or energy plan, combined with aspirations for growth at over three times the then current floor area.


Buro Happold worked closely with Gensler to integrate elements that ensure economic, social, and environmental sustainability into the framework of the masterplan. This included not only a high-performance and optimized infrastructure strategy, but detailed approaches on how to engage all stakeholders to implement these strategies in a timely, economical and efficient way.

The team brought a wide community together to create clear targets and a deliverable process for Lynn’s internal and external team to adopt which will ultimately create a vibrant and dynamic campus. Buro Happold’s masterplan has secured Lynn’s reputation for innovation and leadership, providing an environment that allows the university to attract the best staff and students to realize the academic vision.

Bringing them together to create clear targets, we developed a deliverable process for Lynn’s internal and external team to adopt and ultimately a vibrant and dynamic campus.

Finally, to round off the Southwing experience, we designed a new forecourt to the structure. By following the architect’s plan to make good use of the space available we succeeded in creating a location that yields high operational and commercial value. Realigning the roads around the forecourt allowed us to improve access to the terminal building, while a 40 metre wide pedestrian plaza gives space and comfort to the environment.


Since the completion of the masterplan, Buro Happold has been engaged on a variety of consultancy services, offering guidance, direction and expertise to the community. Our teams took the success of this masterplan and created a custom Sustainable Management Tool to guide all stakeholders in the implementation of these various strategies.

We are now working closely with Siemens to design a new, state of the art central energy plant, and working with the City of Boca Raton as Lynn University becomes one of the first universities in South Florida to connect to their In-City Reclaimed Irrigation System (IRIS) for service of irrigation as well as cooling tower make-up water.

Beyond the value that our teams have added in the technical expertise, our proudest contributions have been in the valued friendships and on-going partnerships that Buro Happold has made at Lynn University.

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