London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS)

London, UK

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has been undertaking world-class medical research for over a hundred years, and can be credited with many life-changing discoveries.

In collaboration with Imperial College London, the new London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS) will provide a home for up to 45 research groups, allowing the organisations to come together and collaborate in a single space for the first time.

The 10,500m2 building will be located at Hammersmith Hospital in White City and will house a variety of facilities, including containment level 2 laboratories, central biological services, high end imaging and support spaces including write-up, public engagement spaces, a data centre and social facilities, such as a new café.


With medical imaging central to the work of the LMC, the new facilities will feature highly sensitive medical equipment, including Cryo-Electron Microscopes and Confocal Microscopes. The Buro Happold team needed to incorporate solutions that will ensure the stringent criteria needed to protect equipment without putting excessive constraints on other elements of the design.

Resilience is another key requirement for the operation of the building, leading to a robust yet simple design. This will ensure that operation and maintenance of the facility is straightforward and low cost.


Using our in-depth technical knowledge of the vibration and environmental requirements for specialist buildings, our vibration, structural, acoustic and MEP engineers worked together closely to develop holistic solutions that complement the scientific workflows, as well as the architecture of the building.

Our team adopted a strategy of reducing energy consumption through efficient design and energy recovery; challenging traditional standards while putting user safety at the forefront. This will allow the facility to benefit from lower running costs so that more money can be dedicated to important scientific work.

The site is located in a highly constrained location in close proximity to nearby operation buildings. We incorporated an enabling works package to remove remaining ground slabs and expose any site contamination for safe removal. Buried services will be diverted, a sub-station re-located and any remaining obstructions exposed to enable appropriate mitigation strategies in the design.


The new London Institute of Medical Sciences will allow some of the UK’s leading scientists to carry out their work in cutting edge facilities that are designed around their specific needs. Once completed, the new advanced research complex will feature containment level 2 laboratories, in-vitro imaging areas and Core Biotechnology Services facilities.

London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS)
The new London Institute of Medical Sciences will unite Medical Research Council and Imperial College London researchers under one roof. Image: Hawkins\Brown

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