JeffJack Apartments

Chicago, IL

JeffJack Apartments contains 190 residential units arranged over 15 floors. Amenities include an indoor pool, fitness room, yoga spa, and a rooftop green space. Situated in downtown Chicago’s vibrant West Loop neighborhood, this development stands on a corner previously occupied by a parking lot.

The imposing structure presents two distinct facades to embody both the old and emerging local architectural styles. Along Jefferson Street, large windows and exposed masonry mirror the industrial loft buildings that once dominated the area. On W Jackson Boulevard, vivid green mullions punctuate a sheer expanse of glass.

Buro Happold helped the client to achieve desired performance outcomes through optimising MEP/FP systems and consulting on energy consumption.


Green design was a priority for the client. Accordingly, the building incorporates such features as high-performance glass, LED lighting in public corridors and garage space, and rooftop stormwater retention. Optimising energy performance and complying with local energy codes while attaining LEED Gold certification was a key outcome.

Delivering efficient and effective MEP services that conformed to the original design intent was also vital in coherent realisation of such a prestigious and innovative residential project.

Close-up of JeffJack Apartments' building on a street corner
Assisted by Buro Happold, JeffJack Apartments attained LEED Gold certification. Image: Buro Happold


Buro Happold delivered an assessment of the building’s predicted energy consumption and energy operational cost for energy code compliance. We also documented the whole-building energy performance for purposes of LEED certification.

Technologies that enhance space utilization and process efficiency for architectural design, lighting, and HVAC system technologies were leveraged to obtain utility incentives for high-performance design. This was demonstrated through building energy analytics. The performance metrics obtained from the dynamic analytical energy model were also used as a feedback loop to educate occupants and maximize value for the owner.

Upon handover, Buro Happold provided owner’s agent services for MEP systems. Our team reviewed the initial design-build construction documents and suggested improvements. We also reviewed MEP shop drawings for compliance with design intent, performed monthly site visits to monitor MEP construction, and worked with the commissioning agent to resolve performance issues.


With Buro Happold’s professional guidance, the building not only received optimal MEP systems but was also certified LEED Gold.

The JeffJack Apartment development has transformed an unremarkable corner into a spectacular green building offering exceptional city living for the people of Chicago.

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