Google Unter Den Linden

Berlin, Germany

Google, the leading worldwide search engine, wanted to locate its new administration centre in the heart of Berlin. Buro Happold was part of the project team appointed to transform what was an everyday office building into a user friendly, responsive and ultra modern workspace for the internet giant.


The space acquired by our client was just a basic shell. They tasked the project team with transforming it into a contemporary and high quality office with facilities such as open plan workstations, AV and phone booths, meeting and conference rooms, shower and toilet amenities, and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, Google wanted its new offices to meet LEED Gold standard.


The Buro Happold team collaborated closely with the architect and Google’s own internal design team to develop a building services strategy that would meet the needs of employees while sensitively maintaining the building’s existing architectural features. This required our engineers to design a range of specialist services that work together to form an integrated design solution.

In response to the low energy targets set by out client, we developed highly efficient energy solutions, such as an induction cooling system and variable air-flow ventilation, which adapt in accordance with the zonal requirements. Our team also developed an innovative domestic hot water strategy using heat generated in the server room, which would otherwise have been extracted as waste.

Our engineers remained closely involved with this project throughout the construction process to ensure our solutions were installed and commissioned correctly, adapting them as required and witnessing final commissioning data. This hands on approach increased the speed of the construction programme, and reduced the overall cost accordingly.

google office design burohappold
Creating a dynamic, state of the art, LEED Gold rated office space for search engine giant Google. Image: Steve Herud


Buro Happold is known for bringing a can-do attitude to every project we tackle. In this instance, it helped us create a lively and responsive environment for the Google team. The final office space met our client’s aspirations and achieved an impressive LEED Gold accreditation.

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