Godrej BKC

Mumbai, India

Godrej is a world class, highly sustainable office building in the heart of Mumbai. Located on a prime site in the financial district of India’s thriving capital, it is one of the most desirable commercial buildings to be built in the city in recent years, attracting a variety of high profile tenants. Buro Happold worked with the client to develop a number of key elements of the design, including a sustainable MEP system.


The Buro Happold team was briefed to deliver a building designed to international standards, while keeping costs low to ensure the best return on investment. The client aspired to achieving a LEED Platinum accreditation, so incorporating passive and sustainable design features into the development was a significant part of our role on the project.


Our team devised a number of solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce running expenses. These included the use of PV panels to harness solar energy; a combined air and water-cooled centralised plant, and the incorporation of glass fibre insulation. The building is also capable of 100% on site water recycling, so the development’s impact on the city’s resources is greatly reduced.

The lighting strategy devised by our team contributes to the energy saving measures, with lighting in all common spaces, such as lift lobbies, toilets and reception areas controlled by motion sensors, daylight sensors and digital lighting control modules. To reduce the amount of artificial light needed in the space, the building’s fully glazed, high performance facade allows plenty of natural light to illuminate the offices, while also mitigating the effects of heat and radiation from the sun.

To provide cooling to the building, our engineers specified a variable flow chilled water system. The decision to use an air and water combination cooled chiller was made as the system is able to use excess water from the sewage treatment plant, further reducing the need to rely upon Mumbai’s resources.

In a first for our Mumbai team, our engineers designed and coordinated all aspects of this project using Building Information Management (BIM) software, which improved our communication with the architect and structural team, as well as reducing the design timeline and overall costs. It also allowed us to show our client a complete picture of the services system.

The project has won an array of awards, including the Best Commercial Project at the 11th CNBC-AWAAZ Real Estate Awards 2016-17. Image: Buro Happold


Following Godrej’s completion, we have started collecting energy bills for common area services to measure and monitor energy consumption of the building. This provides us with an opportunity to check how the building is performing in real life as compared to our original design intent, allowing us to feed back to the client and make any necessary changes. Demonstrating the success of the passive design features installed, the building has now achieved a LEED Platinum certification, the highest possible rating.

As one of the very few consultants with the ability to deliver projects of this scale in BIM, our engineers were able to add real value to our client with time, money and space saving solutions. The result is a state of the art office building that offers flexible space. With one foot firmly in the future, Godrej showcases the possibilities for environmentally sound design in the commercial world. The project has already won the CIDC Vishwakarma award for the best commercial project of the year, and the CNBC-AWAAZ Real Estate Awards for Best Commercial Project in 2016/2017.


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