Glaxosmithkline HQ at 5 Crescent Drive

Philadelphia, PA, USA

5 Crescent Drive is a 208,000ft2 facility located in the heart of The Navy Yard Corporate Center in Philadelphia. The glass-encased building designed for GlaxoSmithKline is comprised of new commercial and general office space as well as amenity and support space. A dramatic 4-story atrium in 5 Crescent Drive’s core brings natural light deep into 75 percent of the interior spaces of the building.


Balancing design complexity with an aggressive construction schedule was one of the largest challenges posed by the project.

commercial headquarters HQ multinational head office
The new facility features a vast, light-flooded atrium which offers employees a pleasant, street-like environment. Image: Buro Happold


Curved free form structures make up the glazed building envelope, with its abundant use of mirrored glazing to let natural daylight flood most of the interior. The building employs variable-speed chillers that use a series of counter flow arrangement, and ventilation is maintained via a heat recovery system to reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent compared to a standard commercial building.

Other sustainable features include, the reduction of water use by 50 percent each year through high-efficiency low flow fixtures throughout the building as compared to a traditional office building. Additionally, energy efficient fixtures and individual LED task lighting contribute to a 25 percent reduction in lighting usage. The roof is also covered with 40 percent vegetation, which provides natural insulation and absorbs storm water.

commercial headquarters HQ multinational head office
The building has been carefully designed to encourage collaboration and movement throughout the day. Image: Francis Dzikowski Esto


The project was designed to achieve minimum energy consumption and maximum maintenance efficiency while being environmentally responsible, which included a combination of natural lighting, high-tech HVAC systems and an innovative floor plan design. The building has been awarded a double LEED Platinum certification making it one of the newest LEED certified buildings in The Navy Yard, and the only double LEED building in Philadelphia.

commercial headquarters HQ multinational head office
Delivering a highly efficient, exciting and collaborative new workspace for employees of this world-leading pharmaceutical company. Image: Francis Dzikowski Esto

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