EDGE Grand Central

Berlin, Germany

EDGE Grand Central is a nine-storey, multi-tenant development offering around 22,800m2 of prime office space. Located in Berlin’s newest urban quarter, Europacity, the building is due for completion in 2020.

The Berlin Mix (Berliner Mischung), the city’s avant-garde block structure, was devised in the 1860’s by Royal Prussian Urban Planning Policeman, James Hobrecht. This open, adaptable, and flexible system of mixed-use buildings with common courtyards housing small-scale factories, local craftsmen, and living units of varying size is under threat as, increasingly, well-established tenants are vacating the area to escape rapidly-rising rents and land prices.

Europacity, 61 hectares (610,000m2) of land next to the primary transportation hub, Berlin Hauptbahnhof, is a new take on the Berlin Mix. It features interesting architecture, apartments with scenic views, green city squares, and waterfront promenades, while still being close to all practical services and amenities. Without doubt, EDGE Grand Central is perfectly positioned to help occupants make the most of home and work life.


A key challenge was our client’s imperative to create the smartest building in Germany and also to build on a revolutionary project in the Netherlands. Following on from where Olympic Amsterdam left off, EDGE Grand Central will be the second major project in a portfolio of new-generation smart buildings championed by EDGE Technologies.

EDGE actively promotes sustainable mobility, making a point of choosing locations with excellent access to public transport and the right mix of public facilities within walking distance. Here, in spite of working a difficult site (adjacent to a high-end rail corridor and major federal road tunnelling right next door) the client aims to deliver the smartest building in Germany, maximising sustainability by minimising energy usage.


Smart ceilings – active elements that heat and cool the interior, providing light, and meeting high acoustic standards – ensure the environmentally-friendly use of primary energy resources. This smart system maintains the ideal ambient temperature, enhancing personal wellbeing and boosting performance. Frameless integrated luminaires keep the entire ceiling surface flush with no additional seams, masking, covers, or colour discrepancies. The development also predicts space use, keeping its carbon footprint and operating costs to an absolute minimum.

Buro Happold’s matchless in-depth knowledge of DGNB and WELL stood the team in good stead. EDGE Grand Central has already been pre-certified as Platinum by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and is the first pre-certified WELL project in Germany.


Equipped with a leading-edge internet protocol (IP) spine, EDGE Grand Central provides a communication infrastructure which connects everyone and everything whether wired or wireless, and removes much of the routine digital frustration of modern life. A complementary smart building app is also in the pipeline. The easy-to-use app will allow individuals to adjust their surroundings, offering things like personalised climate control, room booking, user localisation, and a great deal more.

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