Brent Cross Cricklewood Regeneration

London, UK

The shopping centre will form the bustling hub of the new town centre, comprising a welcoming network of covered streets and spaces that will provide world class retail, dining and leisure amenities. A range of highways and public transport refinements are proposed, including a pedestrian and cycle bridge across the North Circular Road that will link the two new centres.


Our specialist engineers and consultants worked closely with the development partners and project team to prepare a masterplan for the regeneration of Brent Cross Shopping Centre and its surrounding area, comprising over 150 hectares north and south of the North Circular Road in Barnet. We needed to create a sustainability strategy that would meet the needs of all the stakeholders including the local council and the GLA as well as ensuring its long-term commercial viability.


We also devised an energy strategy that will reduce the carbon emissions of the development by around 40% less than required by the Building Regulations (Part L): 2010, achieved using a combined heat and power system and a district heating network. Harvested rainwater will be used for irrigation and help reduce the demand for potable water and at least 10% of the available roof space will have green or brown roofs.

Brent Cross Cricklewood Regeneration
Clever reimagining of the retail offering creates a new heart for the town, growing the economy and providing a thriving community space. Image: Chapman Taylor


Construction is due to start in 2016 and, when finished, this development will support around 27,000 full time jobs and provide 7,500 new homes across a number of individually designed neighbourhoods.

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