Battery Park City Sustainability Plan, Green Guidelines, and Sustainability Implementation Plan

New York, NY

The Battery Park City Sustainability Plan, Green Guidelines, and Sustainability Implementation Plan will pave the way forward over the next 10 years as Battery Park City prioritizes sustainability and works towards a carbon neutral neighborhood.

This suite of documents, newly released, will help to shape a healthier and more sustainable future for Battery Park City and New York City at large.

Battery Park City has a long history of environmental leadership, building its status as a model for sustainable mixed-use urban development. Battery Park City is managed by the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) and stretches 92 acres with over 22 million square feet of built area. The neighborhood is well-known for its environmental building standards and expansive waterfront parks and recreational areas.  

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In 2019, the BPCA Board of Directors passed a resolution to develop a 10-year sustainability plan that would build momentum and put Battery Park City on a path towards carbon neutrality by 2050. In addition to internal goals, New York City’s Local Law 97 posed a challenge for buildings in Battery Park City to reduce their operational carbon emissions by 2030. These two challenges created a great opportunity for BPCA to pool together resources and develop a clear, actionable plan for the next ten years.

Battery Park City, New York, NY


Buro Happold and a team of specialist consultants were selected to work with BPCA to develop that plan through three documents: the Sustainability Plan, the Green Guidelines, and the Sustainability Implementation Plan. The Sustainability Plan set the vision and built out a 10-year plan for sustainability in Battery Park City, the Green Guidelines provide best practices on how sustainability interventions are realized, and the Sustainability Implementation Plan details specific implementation steps to achieve sustainability milestones and targets.

All three documents were informed by a stakeholder engagement process with BPCA staff and the wider community as well as a detailed existing conditions assessment of the buildings, infrastructure, and landscape. During the process, nearly 500 people participated and shared their own visions for sustainability at Battery Park City creating a strong network of local stakeholders who helped shape the documents and support the neighborhood’s long-term sustainability efforts.

We envision a Battery Park City that will serve as an innovative model for urban climate action, where all of us who live, work, and spend time here mobilize to create a sustainable future.

Battery Park City Authority (BPCA)

The Sustainability Plan establishes a sustainability vision and three overarching goals to achieve Resource Management and Reduction, Innovation and Inspiration, and Education and Collaboration. To support the vision and these goals, the Plan identifies 18 strategies, 25 targets, 64 supporting milestones, 46 actions, and 142 sub-actions across the topic areas of Energy, Water, Materials and Waste, and Site.

The Green Guidelines provide technical support and best practices for BPCA and Battery Park City building owners, managers, and tenants to enact the Sustainability Plan strategies. The Guidelines provide detailed information to support assessments, interventions, and practices related to existing buildings and new construction.

The Sustainability Implementation Plan outlines the policies, programs, partnerships, tools, and funding mechanisms that are available, or can be created, to assist in transforming the Sustainability Plan into a reality. The Plan expands upon the Sustainability Plan’s sub-actions and provides more detailed steps, responsible groups, and timeframes for implementation, as well as resources to support the implementation.

Image: Battery Park City Authority


The resulting suite of sustainability documents provide a holistic framework to encourage collaboration between BPCA, building owners and managers, local businesses, the community, and implementation partners. Together, Battery Park City will push ahead towards its sustainable future.

Healthier, more vibrant, and resilient communities require an array of actions, of which sustainability plays an important part. As it has for decades now, Battery Park City can continue serving as a model with trailblazing green building standards and environmentally-friendly parks operations practices. To that end, we’ve developed this neighborhood plan with energy, waste, water, and site management strategies to help advance our efforts and illustrate to others how it can be achieved. Even in the midst of present challenges, it’s imperative that our commitment to greater environmental responsibility remains steadfast – the future depends on it.

BPCA President and CEO
B.J. Jones

Battery Park City, New York, NY

I am very excited to see that Buro Happold has tackled energy issues comprehensively for moving Battery Park City closer to energy resilience and net zero emissions by 2050; with energy modeling, deep energy retrofits for buildings, transitioning buildings to all-electric systems, expanding the district energy system supporting higher efficiency and better economy of scale, transitioning to an electricity supply to all renewable sources, tackling embodied carbon and continuous monitoring and reporting.

Dr. Vatsal Bhatt
U.S. Green Building Council, Vice President for Communities

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