Alexandra Arch Bridge


Designed to resemble an open leaf, Alexandra Arch Bridge spans the Alexandra road to connect the Southern Ridge’s forest trail to the hilltop trail at Telok Blengah Hill.

Commissioned by the Singaporean Government, Buro Happold provided concept and detailed design for this stunning bridge that represents both the tranquility of the forest with the dynamism of Singapore.


A key element to the project was to ensure that tight control of the budget was maintained. Our team carefully balanced the need to optimise structural efficiency to ensure seamless construction with the need for an iconic design to guarantee a cost effective project that met the client’s vision. With the requirement to minimise ongoing maintenance, our engineers carefully selected materials and detailing to ensure the durability of the bridge.


Alexandra Arch carries both pedestrian and bicycle traffic across a six lane highway, integrating with a network of forest paths on either side of the road. The bridge’s gracefully curved deck is supported by hanger fins and intersects a single leaning arch, rising 17 metres above the ground to offer a visionary addition to the landscape. The granite surfaced deck acts as a torsion box, resisting loads applied to the bridge while concealing the support structures within, maximising the bridge’s aesthetic appeal.

Further enhancing the visual appeal of the bridge and the architect’s desire to merge nature with clever design, our lighting engineers installed a spectacular display of LED lights that move through a wave of sunset inspired colours after nightfall.

Alexandra Arch Bridge Singapore
Hanger fins support Alexandra Arch’s sweeping deck. Image: Buro Happold


Alexandra Arch is now a notable attraction in its own right, finding its place within the Singapore landscape. With its elegant form and steel structure reflecting both the forest and the nearby city, Alexandra Arch plays a key role in making the expanse of forest accessible to an urban community.

Alexandra Arch Bridge Singapore
The arch offers a distinct and striking addition to the landscape, providing unique view of the Southern Ridges. Image: Buro Happold
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