Al Marjan

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Located off the coast of the UAE emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, a region steeped in historical and archaeological interest, Al Marjan is a mixed use development that will offer a high quality resort featuring a hotel, marina and leisure facilities.


The development combines four connecting man-made islands that reach out into the sea, providing stunning facilities for an area of previously unused coastline.

With the majority of the island’s infrastructure already in place, the Buro Happold team needed to undertake new masterplan studies to make the most of the potential of the site.

Al Marjan
The new elements of the masterplan led to the relocation of the marina, securing the economic future of the island. Image: Buro Happold / RAK TDA


A key finding during our work was the possible issues with the proposed position of the marina. The location of the marina on the original masterplan meant that work to start constructing the resort on the island would be delayed.

Our team identified that for Ras Al Khaimah to be commercially viable, the resort element of the development needed to be completed before the marina to allow residents and tourists to start visiting.

Carefully considering all of the aspects needed for a successful marina, including the requirements of the boats using the space, facilities for visitors and quality of the water, the Buro Happold team reviewed all of the alternative locations, suggesting sites that would allow the resort to be completed ahead of schedule while also delivering spectacular addition to Al Marjan. Further adding value, the design team paid close attention to preserving the ecology of the waterfront, ensuring an environmentally sensitive design.


Buro Happold’s work on the Al Marjan project has enabled the client to realise the best potential in this unique and exceptional site, offering future residents prime facilities while remaining profitable.

Created to be a sought after destination for both UAE residents and international visitors, the development will offer a unique landscape that is rich in both natural history and luxurious design.

The manmade Marjan Island stretches out 4.5 km into the sea. Image: Buro Happold / RAK TDA
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