• BSc,
  • MSc,
  • A.M.I.O.A.
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Celia is a creative acoustics engineer with meticulous technical skills in architectural acoustics and an artistic background in music.

With a unique combination of theoretical, computational and artistic competencies, Celia has delivered research and industry thought leadership at national acoustics conferences. She continues to contribute to the development of innovative computational solutions which drive industry approaches.

Celia has a particular interest in the acoustical performance within cultural spaces and concert halls, where her bespoke blend of engineering knowledge and first-hand musical experience is invaluable. She plays in semi-professional orchestras in London as an oboist and has performed in a number of venues across Europe.

Celia has an undergraduate degree in Acoustics with Music from the University of Southampton; studying acoustical engineering at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research and oboe at the Department of Music). She also holds a master’s degree in Acoustics with Music Technology from the University of Edinburgh.

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