Report into effects of climate change on disadvantaged communities launched

Released today, the new report by C40 Cities, entitled “Inclusive Climate Action – In Practice,” explores seven case studies that explore ways to tackle the unfairness of climate change.

Buro Happold was appointed in the fall of 2018 by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group to assist in the development of the “Inclusive Climate Action – In Practice” report. The report provides guidance and lessons learned from ongoing and past initiatives across the world that will help inspire cities to develop their own set of inclusive climate actions that are fair, accessible, and beneficial to all.

Climate change is unfair. Predominately caused by wealthier nations, the consequences of climate change are often felt most by the poorest communities. C40 Cities, with the establishment of the Inclusive Climate Action Programme, is prioritizing the issue and working with cities to address both social inequality and climate change simultaneously. Buro Happold supported C40 Cities in researching cases of inclusive climate action including the challenges they face in development, but most importantly, the breadth of opportunities and positive impacts they are able to provide to communities.

The report is intended as a resource for city leaders and the general public alike to better understand inclusivity as it applies to climate action and also consider what else could be done in their own cities. As climate action continues to be a primary issue for cities, special attention needs to be paid to how we are engaging our diverse communities, how we are sharing benefits with our neighbors, and how we are expanding climate action through outreach and involvement. These considerations and conversations support truly effective and impactful climate action that will not only benefit the privileged few. Through this work and the “Inclusive Climate Action – In Practice” report, we can begin the move towards climate action that benefits all.

Image: City of Barcelona

Our Cities team is working on important climate and sustainability work across the United States including New York City’s Roadmap To 80×50, the 1.5° Plan, Envision Cambridge, and the Los Angeles Countywide Sustainability Plan.

Download the report here.

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