POE and its vital development role

Mark Dowson, Associate, and expert in sustainability and building physics at Buro Happold, has just contributed to a London planning policy report about Post Occupancy Evaluation.

“We all have a responsibility to ensure that the end result of our building projects are as high performing as they can be. By using ‘post-occupancy evaluation’ (POE) to show the shortcomings in existing buildings before and after refurbishment, immediate issues can be identified and resolved.”

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The report provides the evidence base for Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) to embed Post Occupancy Evaluation into all new major development. Old Oak and Park Royal in West London is Europe’s largest regeneration project, delivering 25,000 homes and 60,000 jobs centering around HS2 and the Elizabeth line. Buro Happold were appointed by OPDC through TFL to develop the approach for gathering data on energy use and user satisfaction from major developments for up to five years in operation.

Read the OPDC report here.

What is post occupancy evaluation, and why does it matter?

Mark Dowson explores the many components and issues surrounding this growing field of engineering in an article for Refurb Renovation News. He explains:

“An inefficient and poorly designed building can lead to higher utility and maintenance costs for property owners, as well as negatively affecting users. For example, poor air quality can lead to health issues and attracting/retaining talent can be complicated if the working environment does not support their productivity or happiness.”

Read the full article on the Reburb Renovation magazine website here.

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