Dragon’s Link II – a visionary design solution to a familiar Hong Kong problem

Buro Happold is excited to be working with international architectural firm M CO Design on a new project set to dramatically improve and benefit a vital part of Hong Kong’s landscape.

After almost a year of highly constructive consultation from a range of stakeholders, the scheme has been revised to build the bridge on the opposite side of the dam. This new design will deliver an improved experience for traffic in the area and leisure users alike.

Image: M Co Design

Dragon’s Link is a startling vision which aims to solve the on-going traffic congestion, tackle the flooding issues, and also address the lack of facilities and services for all visitors entering the Tai Tam Dam reservoir parks area.

The undulating design of the proposed new road bridge, whose suspension system echoes that of a Chinese dragon, draws inspiration from local traditions and the natural topography of Hong Kong.

The project could create massively improved connections within the existing road network, relieving frustrating traffic congestion that is common on the existing dam rim road, where flooding and traffic jams can create hour-long delays. “This inspired scheme could offer new entry points to this stunning region and its hiking trails, providing a new visitors’ centre and scenic viewing points”, said Buro Happold’s Nick Greenwood, Asia director and engineering services leader.

Iconic in its design, Dragon’s Link could become another global attraction for Hong Kong tourism, and the new scheme, which removes traffic entirely from the dam, would provide preservation aspects to the historic dam, by only allowing foot and cycling traffic and additional observation point adding further to its charm.

The existing historic dam celebrates its 100th year of service in February 2018.  It wasn’t designed for traffic demands of the 21st century, and the Hong Kong government has been searching for a solution for some time to alleviate the problem.

Scott Myklebust, founder and president of M CO Design, formulated the concept as a regular visitor to the area, and witnessing first-hand, both the transportation issues of the very narrow bridge, flooding and lack of facilities for the leisure visitors.

Buro Happold has a history of working on such infrastructure improvements and solutions in Hong Kong and across the world. They have already partnered with Lead-8 on their proposed Harbourloop design.

Just a few other exemplar projects, where Buro Happold have enhanced city infrastructures and provided 21st century solutions, include the Highline in New York, the 14Km Wadi Hanifah Flood Management Plan and the environmental rehabilitation of Wadi Al Aqeeq.

For more information about this innovative bridge project visit: http://www.m-codesign.com/dragons-link/

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