Designing future labs: an exact science?

Join Buro Happold at S-Lab 2017 in York, and discover our creative approach to designing world-class scientific research facilities

Over two days, the annual Science, Innovation and Translation (S-Lab) conference unites organisations and leading figures from the science and technology sector under one roof.

This year’s theme is ‘The Design and Operation of Research Laboratories, Incubators and Science Park Facilities’. Richard Walder and Ben Breaden, specialist engineers at Buro Happold, will be giving themed presentations that will provide insight into our creative approach to laboratory design. We will also be demonstrating our innovative engineering in action, inviting delegates to step into the virtual world to explore the Ri.MED Foundation Research Centre in Palermo.

What we’re talking about at S-Lab 2017:

Applying home office guidelines to optimise HVAC use in in vivo facilities

Ben Breaden, Associate for Building Services, Buro Happold

Is it time to set a new, low energy benchmark for in vivo facilities? Ben Breaden and Dr Lesley Penny, Director of Veterinary Scientific Services at The University of Edinburgh, will explore ways to create more sustainable animal facilities, and discuss the implications of the Home Office’s latest Code of Practice for the Housing and Care of Animals Bred, Supplied or Used for Scientific Purposes.

Using a current Buro Happold project as a case study, Ben will identify the opportunities that this new guidance presents, specifically in terms of optimising air change rates to save energy. He will investigate the extent to which the air change rate can be reduced while still meeting the stipulated environmental conditions, and examine how different Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC) options offer the potential to reduce air change rates.

Ben has extensive experience in leading complex projects across multiple sectors. He has delivered numerous BREEAM Excellent projects, and is knowledgeable in the design and integration of low and zero carbon technologies. Read his full profile here.

When and where: Tuesday 9 May, 16:00 – 16:45, B4

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Fume dispersal – is that giant flue really doing its job?
Richard Walder, Associate Director for Building Services, Buro Happold

When it comes to fume dispersal systems for laboratory buildings, the go-to approach for many engineers is to rigidly adhere to the guidance given in BS EN 14175 – and install huge extract flues on the roof. But what is this guidance based on, and is it doing what we expect in terms of safety?

Richard Walder and Aimée Smith Principal from RWDI, will be challenging this conventional design approach and its implications. Using a real world case study, he will demonstrate how a bespoke dispersal system can minimise energy consumption, enhance aesthetics and maintain or even improve safety levels.

Richard has worked on numerous complex scientific projects, including the Ri.MED Biomedical Research Centre. He is interested in dynamic building simulation and analysis, and the integration of passive and low-energy design solutions. Read his full profile here

When and where: Wednesday 10 May, 11:30 – 12:15, N3

Our engineering in action

Buro Happold is also offering S-Lab delegates the opportunity to experience our work first hand. We will be inviting you to step inside our virtual reality model of the Ri.MED Foundation Biomedical Research Centre in Sicily and explore this pioneering translational science facility.

The 3D experience will enable you to see the value of our integrated engineering from the ground up. It will reveal how our elegant structural design minimises vibration throughout the Centre while delivering resilience against earthquakes, and demonstrate how our streamlined MEP strategies realise flexible laboratories that can adapt to the changing requirements of this dynamic, interdisciplinary field.

To find out more about our ground-breaking work in the Science and Technology sector, book your tickets  to S-Lab 2017 now.

Science, Innovation and Translation Conference (S-Lab)
Tuesday 9 – Wednesday 10 May
York Racecourse, Tadcaster Road, York YO23 1EX

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