Airport Analytics tool to supercharge passenger-side airport design and planning

A new approach to airport design promises to revolutionise the way decisions are made on development of the world’s busiest airports. Its main aims are to improve passenger experience and optimise revenue.

The Airport Analytics toolset is the brainchild of global design engineering consultancy Buro Happold and is powered by its Analytics engine. Airport Performance Analytics is a unique planning toolset that dramatically reduces the time required to simulate and test design options for new build and existing airports, from weeks to a matter of days. It also promises to bring a new level of insight to how current airport operations can be modified and made more efficient – giving airport operators invaluable data to help them better manage procedures to meet Airport Service Quality (ASQ) targets.

Airport Analytics allows key stakeholders and decision-makers to add to a baseline picture of current passenger operations and test specific scenarios relating to operations, equipment and scheduling in real time using the toolsets unique design planning capability. Critically, there is also the option to compare and assess multiple scenarios, specific to each airport. This allows analysis of how variations of a new design element could, for example, affect the flow of passengers through the airport in different ways, directing designers to the optimal solution.

The tool has been designed for early-stage visibility planning and optioning, but is doesn’t stop there.
Shrikant Sharma, head of analytics.

Pieter Coetzee, Director of Airport Planning at Buro Happold say: “Airport clients, whether operational or management, are recognising the value of  data driven rapid optioneering and analysis tools that achieve quick and appropriate insights into solutions and enable sound decision making in the shortest possible timeframe”

“Aviation Performance Analytics also accelerates the decision-making process. Clients, architects and contractors can co-create designs much more quickly than the conventional processes, analysing what is possible and what is optimal, all in a single meeting. As a result, Buro Happold has moved from taking 10 days to create a one simulation to being able to do 10 simulations in one day.”

Shrikant Sharma, head of analytics at Buro Happold says, “The tool has been designed for early-stage visibility planning and optioning, but is doesn’t stop there. Our end goal is to use the data and insights from that data to empower the end client to make decisions no matter where they are in the planning and development stage of their construction or expansion project.

Buro Happold will be showcasing the Airport Performance Analytics tool at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo at the ExCeL in London, between 26 and 28 March.

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