Buro Happold at Autodesk University 2020

Buro Happold is proud to announce we have had four proposals accepted to Autodesk University 2020, continuing our strong presence at the event over the last seven years.

The largest AEC conference in the world – Autodesk University – will be virtual this year with no cost to register, normally a 4-day pass will cost $2,500. The event brings together designers, engineers, builders, and creators. This is a great opportunity to learn about emerging new technology trends and ideas that will be shaping our industry.

Dynamic theatre talks, classes, lectures, round tables, Q&A’s and panels will all be available free of charge. All that will be required is for you to register.

The event will be taking place from November 17-20 and registration is free, please go to: https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/conference/overview

Buro Happold Autodesk University Sessions

Collaborative Delivery between Design & Fabrication – Passing the Baton – Panel BES468582 – Paul McGilly

Current conditions in the AEC Industry present an unprecedented opportunity for the emergence of a more streamlined and efficient project delivery model, where project owners and stakeholders in particular stand to benefit from increased cost predictability, shortened project timelines, and reduced waste along the supply chain. The handoff between project engineers and fabricators is a key juncture in that project delivery. Any mistakes at this stage can mean costly rework and project delays. An inefficient handoff of design data can bloat budgets and unnecessarily extend project schedules—leading to cost over runs, litigation, and unnecessary headaches for owners.

Please join Buro Happold Associate Principal of Digital Design Paul McGilly and the Autodesk-sponsored Engineering Executive Council at this year’s virtual Autodesk University. The group will discuss how improvements to the current situation will benefit project owners—improve project quality, reduce costs, speed up timelines—and offer some initial solutions.

The panel will be joined by John Cooke, Program Manager at Brown University. John has embraced the ‘Lean Construction’ methodology through the use of IPD (Integrated Project Delivery). Brown University employed this delivery method which utilized BIM 360 Design Cloud Collaboration technology, innovative methods in BIM workflow as well as an integrated design and construction team. This contributed to the development of a symbiotic relationship providing Brown University with an estimated $10-$15 million in added value compared to traditional processes.

The session is taking place Wednesday the 18th of November at 5.30pm-6.30pm and will thereafter be available on demand.

Register here: https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/class/Collaborative-Delivery-Between-Design-and-Fabrication-Passing-Baton-2020-0

A world class research facility, the Center gives the faculty a strong symbolic and physical identity. Image: BHE

Using Revit and Dynamo to Assess Embodied Carbon – Instructional Demo BES468582 – Kayleigh Houde

BIM models are rich with modeled elements, parameters, and materials, they`re ripe for the assessment of their CO2 impact, so how can this process be made seamless.

Wed, Nov 18 from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM – Register here: https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/class/Using-Revit-and-Dynamo-Assess-Embodied-Carbon-2020

Working during a Pandemic: Mobilizing using BIM 360 Design – Industry Talk AS469444 – Andrea Allas

Understand how the necessity of remote working influenced the acceleration of projects onto the BIM 360 Design cloud and its long-term benefits.

Available on-demand here: https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/class/Working-During-Pandemic-Mobilizing-Using-BIM-360-Design-2020

Sharing Data in Cloud-Based Platforms: Avoiding Risks, Liability & Disputes – Industry Talk  CS463560 – May Winfield

Whilst cloud-based platforms like BIM360 powerfully connect project teams and data, this very ability to connect in real time – with decisions and actions made based on the connected information – brings a host of potential unintended and avoidable misunderstandings, increased liability and risks. E.g. who is responsible for errors/corruption in data accessed by external parties? Is the party hosting the platform responsible for misuse of the platform and data in it? What obligations do parties accessing the BIM360 or other platform have to the hosting party? This is an expensive ticking time-bomb of liability and disputes waiting to happen. However, there are presently no resources or practical advices on how to mitigate/avoid such issues or how to explain them to your lawyers so they can help you avoid the risks. In this class, you will be given practical, useful advice and tips on how to reduce risk and clarify parties’ rights and obligations via clear process, guidance and terms.

Available on-demand here: https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/class/Sharing-Data-Cloud-Based-Platforms-Avoiding-Risks-Liability-Disputes-2020

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