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The context of the traditional architectural practice is in flux.

The extreme advances in technology, dramatic shifts in workplace demographics and a volatile economic environment can bring serious headaches and changes to organizations of all sizes. However the forces that challenge professional practices also create enormous opportunity. The leadership of these organizations cannot always control the changes that affect them but they can evolve in the way they create and communicate value.  Understanding the way in which the market shifts and changes, and defining this value, can create new opportunity. Armed with that insight, design professionals can win the work they want by developing differentiated positioning, stronger brand strategies and more compelling value propositions.

The Chicago AIA’s sold out program on March 17 shared insights from the 2014 AIA Foresight Report and Trends Foresight Report 2015 in the January/February 2015 issue of the journal DesignIntelligence, both developed by the Design Futures Council and the Greenway Group. The event included presentations by Doug Parker, AIA, managing principal of the Greenway Group, with follow-up discussion by Tom Kerwin of BKL, Craig Schwitter of Buro Happold, David Crowell of RMC and Rebecca Nolan of HOK.

The panel identified the top ten transforming trends in the industry:

  1. Increasing sophistication of design and management technologies
  2. New differentiation models
  3. Acceleration of value delivery
  4. Expansion of boutique expert practices
  5. Design build models accelerate to new levels
  6. Complexity of projects requires an enhanced level of collaboration and skills
  7. Sustainability agenda places architects and engineers at forefront
  8. Talent scarcity
  9. Increased M&A activity seeking talent, expertise and market
  10. Globalization is a two way street

The goal of the day was to encourage architects and leaders in the industry to seek new opportunities and change the future of design. As William Pollard quoted in 1850, “Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”

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