Stadia x Sustainability

Helping to create a sustainable future for your stadium.

At Buro Happold, we believe that world-class stadium design is not just the nuts and bolts, it is about creating a buzz or a feeling. We are not just engineers; we are also spectators. Whatever the challenge, as a multidisciplinary firm, we have the expertise and experience to realise it.

Flexibility is key to success. At Tottenham Hotspur Football Club our engineers helped create a football pitch that splits three ways, transforming the pitch into a multi-use venue and creating additional revenue streams. We have met complex structural challenges like the oculus moving roof on the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, as well as delivered within a tight footprint with the Aviva Stadium on the Lansdowne Road Site in Dublin.

Meeting the needs of every stakeholder

Buro Happold will ensure that the needs of every stakeholder is met – fans, performers, players, operators and owners.

Our specialist people flow modelling team will study footfall, building in dynamic freeflow of people through the stadium, as well as ensuring safety at every stage. Lowering operating costs and minimising carbon footprint are always considered in every project, whatever the environment or local conditions.

We have pioneered research into how stadium design can generate atmosphere inside a sports arena. We know that the right atmosphere delivers not only an unrivalled spectator experience, but also boosts ticket sales, increases advertising and sponsorship spend and attracts more lucrative media deals.

Our commitment to sustainability

We take a ‘whole life’ approach, considering both the embodied and operational impacts of our projects, whilst driving clean construction, future proofing and performance verification. Our team was awarded NCE100 Impact in Climate Resilience Award and in 2018, 2019 and 2020 we won ‘CIBSE Building Performance Consultancy of the Year’.

Venue performance rating

Venue Performance Rating is Buro Happold’s metric for assessing and enhancing exactly what stadium design delivers. A stadium is one of the most valuable assets a sports club possesses. An emblem of the team’s past, present and future, the home ground holds memories, emotions and hope. It brings communities together.

We combine cutting-edge technology with over 20 years of venue design expertise to show clients how a stadium will perform, even before it’s built.

Meet our industry experts, keynote speaker & panellists

Jim Saywell

Director, Sustainability and Physics keynote speaker, panellist and attendee

Jim is a Director in the UK Sustainability and Physics team. His project expertise lie in the Sport and Entertainment sector, where he has worked on multiple iconic stadia and venues worldwide, across the UK, Europe and Middle East.

An advocate of performance-based design, Jim is passionate about helping clients understand what performance means to them. A multidisciplinary and collaborative leader, he delivers projects with ambitions sustainability goals, focusing on high-quality internal environments and optimising energy efficiency.

Matthew Birchall Global Sports and Entertainment Sector Lead

Matthew Birchall

Global Sport and Entertainment Lead & Partner attendee

Matthew leads Buro Happold’s Global Sport & Entertainment business, working with a team that engineers the performance of the world’s finest venues. Using outcome-driven design to link operational, constructional and commercial opportunities, Matthew delivers world-leading performance on and off the field of play for our clients.

Steve Macey

Director, Global Sport and Entertainment attendee

Steve has over 33 years’ experience in the design and realisation of award-winning sport and entertainment facilities. He leads integrated design approaches on complex projects, including THFC, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and the Lord’s Cricket Ground redevelopment.

Dr Rob Cooke

Director, Sustainability panel host & attendee

Rob is a chartered energy engineer and Director in our UK Sustainability team. With over 16 years’ experience, he has combined technical consultancy with active research, including the initiation of numerous PhD level research topics covering material science, resource efficiency and wellbeing.

Katja Poguntke

Business Development Associate, Global Sport and Entertainment attendee

Kat is responsible for supporting our sports and entertainment projects and driving sector growth.

Keeping your business match fit in a Covid world

With an assumed step by step release of the Covid-19 lockdown that will affect nearly all industries – from offices and universities to theatres and museums, from restaurants and retail to sports and leisure – getting clients ready to reopen their facilities will largely depend on users feeling safe.

At Buro Happold, we understand that every facility, building, workplace or organisation has different individual demands. Each are grappling with the same fundamental issues to begin the immediate steps of reopening – starting with the health, safety and wellbeing of the user.

Most important is a person’s ability to feel that their health and safety is being taken seriously. To do this, we believe that a good communication strategy, visible care and the right level of employee and general engagement with users at all stages will be of highest importance, complemented by a set of behavioural requirements.

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