Venue Performance Rating is BuroHappold Engineering’s new metric for assessing and enhancing exactly what stadium design delivers.

A stadium is one of the most valuable assets that a football club possesses. An emblem of the team’s past, present and future, the home ground holds memories, emotions and hope. It brings communities together.

So how does everything that a stadium delivers translate into reputation, revenue and results for a club? BuroHappold has devised a means of quantifying this contribution in simple metric terms.

Sports science has revolutionised how we rate and improve player performance. A parallel approach to stadium design will enable clubs to get the best out of their key asset.

Andrew Pottinger, Venue Performance Consultant

We have combined over 20 years of venue design experience with cutting-edge technology to gain a clear understanding of how stadiums perform for clients, operators and fans. This outcome-driven technique creates Venue Performance Rating (VPR) scores, which are divided into three categories: Matchday Experience, Broadcaster and Partner Appeal, and Match Impact.

Gathering this data will yield rewards at any point in a venue’s lifetime, from the earliest planning stages onwards. Whatever a club’s size, application of our VPR methodology – in collaboration with stakeholders and supporters – will help to optimise design and maximise returns. Together we can make informed decisions that transform the team’s future.

Where does your club rank?

BuroHappold showcased our VPR discipline in the 2019 edition of Brand Finance’s Football 50. The world’s most valuable and strongest football brands are rated within this annual report. The accompanying league tables reveal our findings. Your club not listed? Contact us to find out how we can help.

Click the images below to view the tables in full.

Want to find out more? Contact our sports sector director Matthew Birchall

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