Joining an online meeting or conference call

Buro Happold uses Skype for Business to host online meetings. This page provides guidance on the different ways to join your meeting…

Join from your pc

In your meeting invite, click Join Skype Meeting.


Using Skype for Business…

A Skype window will appear and you will join the meeting.


You microphone is automatically muted. To unmute, click the mic button  and people in the meeting will be able to hear you.


If you need to switch to a different audio device, click the Call Controls button  then click Devices.

Using the Skype Web App…

The Skype for Business Web App allows you to join the meeting if your organisation does not use Skype for Business. It opens in your browser window, and will connect you to the meeting.

Enter your name on the sign-in screen and select Join the meeting.

Follow your browser’s instructions for installing the Skype for Business Web App Plugin, which is required for audio, video, and screen sharing (more info).

Join via telephone

You can also join the meeting by telephone.

  • Dial one of the international conference numbers listed in your meeting invite.
  • When prompted, dial the Conference ID found in the meeting invite followed by the # key.
  • You will be prompted to record your name so it can be announced to the other participants. You will then be added to the meeting.

When in the meeting, you can dial *1 on your phone to get a list of options, such as mute, unmute.

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