Global customer feedback programme

As part of our commitment to those we work for, we appoint independent consultants to survey our clients to measure various aspects of service delivery in order to ensure that we meet their specific needs and expectations.

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Across the practice, we gather feedback both formally through our Customer Survey Programme and informally through our day to day working relationships. By monitoring all feedback, we are able to draw out common themes and any improvements necessary. Our Executive Board regularly reviews this feedback and implements changes accordingly.

Additionally, results are fed to our learning and development programme to aid continuous learning.

The words our clients often use to describe us perfectly reflect our aims, ambitions and aspirations.

What our clients say

Our clients and collaborators value our coherent but independent culture. A benefit of our culture is the ability to harness our skills and creativity to add value to our consultancy. We are able to leverage our knowledge efficiently – a great advantage in a competitive commercial market.

We are recognised for large complex projects that require problem solving, our lateral thinking and high levels of expertise.

Clients and collaborators often comment about the level of trust and openness we have with them, how easy our engineers are to communicate with and how generous we are with information sharing – which fosters a supportive relationship.

If you would welcome the opportunity to give detailed feedback of working with us, please email Claire Drayton

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