Our progress

We are now in our third year of reporting the gender pay gap at Buro Happold and we are making progress in the following key areas:

  • The proportion of females in technical and senior roles
  • Recruiting a higher proportion of females than the number of female applicants and available talent pool
  • Achieving a 50/50 split in promotions for nontechnical roles
  • Reducing the gender pay gap between men and women to less than 1% in some grades

However, we are clear that we must address and continue to improve in other areas.

Future Focus

Actively working to reduce the gender pay gap is a constant; this annual review enables us to summarise our progress and add clarity to what will continue to be a work in progress. Our ongoing work requires us to:

  • Further analyse the shape of our organisation, reviewing how our pay quartiles are populated.
  • Continue to set hiring targets and achieve gender balanced recruiting at graduate level
  • Critically assess salary reviews and checking parity
  • Establish a promotion panel to monitor promotion nominations
  • Ensure gender parity on our Leadership Development Programme.

Want to find out more?

Lucy Miller

Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement
Email: lucy.miller@burohappold.com

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