Smart space

BuroHappold’s Smart Space team provides an innovative service that optimises spaces to enhance utilisation, efficiency and visitor experience in buildings and cities. We understand how people behave and interact with spaces. We use this understanding to optimise layouts, circulation capacities, wayfinding, logistics and operational strategies. The benefits of our work can be far reaching and range from improving human comfort and productivity to achieving cost savings, enhanced revenues and effective operational management.

People are at the heart of our design process. Our services help define efficient spaces where people feel comfortable and secure, but are also able to achieve bottom line results for clients operating in commercial environments. We use modelling to assess and optimise the interaction of people with buildings, processes, and environments. This provides an evidence based approach with powerful results – delivering intelligent, efficient and effective buildings and urban spaces. Spaces that reduce bottlenecks and enhance user experience. 

We use sophisticated tools for automated sensing, spatial analytics, predictive flow simulations, and big data visualisation. Our in-house simulation tool SMART Move allows rapid optioneering of a range of design and operational scenarios. Its intuitive drag-and-draw interface, integration with BIM, real-time feedback, and rapid sensitivity analysis capability make it a unique tool for early stage design optioneering as well as operational planning.

Check out for the latest news and discussions on our smart, intuitive, flexible and highly visual simulation tools.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Spatial layout optioneering and optimisation
  • Visibility, wayfinding and accessibility analysis 
  • Retail footfall and revenue enhancement
  • Operational efficiency improvement
  • Pedestrian flow and interaction modelling
  • Process and logistics modelling 
  • Fire evacuation, security and traffic analysis
  • Automated sensing and utilisation analysis
  • Masterplanning and big data visualisation
  • Dashboards for realtime performance monitoring

Key contact

Shrikant Sharma

Group Director

  • work+44 1225 320 600