Working as part of a larger multi-discipline team or independently on project commissions, BuroHappold's lighting team has made valued contributions to many successful and award winning projects.

Employing a rich mix of lighting designers with backgrounds including lighting engineering, architecture, interior design, product design, daylight design and 3D modelling, our lighting specialism is able to offer an integrated service which can deliver the most effective, appropriate and creative lighting solutions.

Creative design

Lighting is a key factor in dictating the appearance and functionality of a building and its surrounding landscape. As an integral part of architecture, it needs to satisfy the client’s aspiration and the designer’s vision, but also deliver the appropriate technical performance for the space.

BuroHappold’s lighting team provide a complete lighting design service, from concept to commissioning, in which creative thinking is balanced with a solid understanding of technical principles and analysis.

Design solutions need to work just as well in reality as they do on paper and acknowledge that the field of lighting design has become more complex. Changing regulations, new materials and technologies and more intricate building forms are just some of the challenges we address. By being involved from the outset, we can inform and influence the design to ensure it fulfils the projects lighting objectives.

Design statement

We explore our projects to identify their unique qualities; we consider the role of natural light, functional lighting and opportunities. We learn about our clients business and understand how their spaces should work. Through good design we ensure that we address the need for function, enjoyment, safety, energy use, special requirements, buildability and ease of maintenance, allowing the integrity of our design concepts to be retained and ensuring our clients’ aspirations are delivered. for enhancements.

Lighting capabilities & services

The team incorporate the full range of design and engineering skills needed to create and develop lighting solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our skills include:

  • Artificial Lighting Concepts & Design
  • Lighting Master-planning
  • Bespoke Luminaire Design
  • Natural and Artificial Lighting Computer Visualisation
  • Natural Lighting Strategies for Buildings
  • Solid Modelling & Analysis
  • Natural Lighting Louvre and Shading Control Solutions
  • Detail Lighting Design and Specification Production
  • Lighting Control System Design
  • Whole Life Costing and Energy Prediction and Commissioning

Discipline Director

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips

Discipline Director

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Regional Leader

North America

Gabe Guilliams

Associate Principal

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